Can poor vision be cured

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One available procedure is called "Lasix" it is a very successful surgery that many people with poor vision get done. I personally know a few people who have gotten it done and see great without glasses! There is also a program that focuses on eye "exercises" that help strengthen your eyes and allow you to see better. I can't remember the name of the program though. == == You can maintain you eye with yoga exercise & get rid of various diseases in future, if you try yoga therapies. Generally eyesight does get deteriorated due to faulty diet, overstraining the eyes and wrong use of the eyes. In order to take care of the eyes you should have nutritious meal and have sufficient sleep so that the eyes get relaxed. Rich foods in Vitamin A e.g. spinach, carrots, tomatoes, butter, cream & milk can be useful better eyesight. Along with diet there are some yoga exercises that can be helpful the keeping the eyes healthy like Netra Shakti Vikas Kriyas, breathing exercises, meditation & blinking exercises to better supply of oxygen to eyes. Check the various yoga exercises in the given resources == ==

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Q: Can poor vision be cured
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