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Can putting sharpie on your hair damage it

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Sharpie can sometimes damage your hair, it depends on your hair type and if you dye it with the sharpie correctly.

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Q: Can putting sharpie in your hair damage it?
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Does sharpie markers harm you hair?

Sharpie Markers Do Sometimes Hurt Your Hair But NOT ALL THE TIME..!

How do you dye your hair with sharpie really quick?

Get the sharpie and stick it up ur but hole

How do you get red sharpie out of blond hair?

Simple you don't put sharpie in you hair you dye it.

Can you die from putting sharpie on your skin?

No. Putting ink on your skin will not kill you. It will look ugly, but not kill you.

How do you get sharpie out of your hair?

you have 2 wash your hair with shampoo and condition..... it also depends if you put alot of sharpie in you hair or a little bit ....if you have thick hair it will take a little bit more time then if you have thin hair

How is sharpie good for your hair?

I don't think it is.

Can you get sharpie out of synthetic hair?

yes it is possible

Does sharpie wash out of hair?

yeah,it does after washing your hair a few times. but the question is why is it in your hair?

Does putting gel in your hair damage it?

Gel on your hairYes, it can cause hair to be dry and fuzzy looking if the gel your using contains alcohol in it. It also depends if you color or use bleach products on your hair because they can damage your hair too.

Can you die from inhaling sharpie markers?

No you won't die, but you will have brain damage. The Sharpie has acetate as an ingredient and that is used in glue. So sniffing a Sharpie is the same as sniffing glue.

Is it ok to have sharpie in your hair?

Yes. It will wash out and you will not die from it.

How do you take sharpie stains out of wood?

hair spray