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Can quartz be used as a swimming pool tile?

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Absolutly, it looks great. Just avoid glass bead blasting when it's time to clean.

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Why are swimming pool coopers used?

What are swimming pool "Coopers"

What is the element that is used in swimming pool?

Chlorine is added to swimming pool water to disinfect it.

What are the purposes of swimming pool heat pumps?

The purpose of a swimming pool heat pump is to rise the temperature of the water. The pool then can be used for swimming even on days when the weather is not perfect. The swimming pool season is extended.

What is a better finish for your pool Tile or gunite?

Gunite is not a finish for a pool. Gunite is not waterproof, and is used as the structural shell when building a swimming pool-some contractors may choose shot-crete- but not as the interior finish. Once the shell is in place you need a waterproof coating so that your swimming pool holds water. Tile would work if you set it over a waterproof bed (pool brite or something similar) The problem is that tile would be quite expensive, more difficult to maintain (with all the grout lines and such), and it would be nearly impossible to locate a leak if you ended up with one. Most people are using a plaster or marcite product as their interior finish of the pool with tile only in a few areas (like waterline tile, and maybe some decorative tiles). There are numerous manufacturers of quarts aggregate and pebble finishes from companies like Krystal Krete and SGM. This pool builders website shows some of the typical products used for pool interiors. http://poolcaptain.com/68/interior-pool-spa-finish/ I hope this was helpful! Every 100 pebble surfaces I remove only 1 goes back to pebble, the other 99 go with a smooth surface. Unless the quartz aggregate is mixed with a pozzolan modified cement it is subject to ASR...alkali silica reaction. Plenty of info on the web. Pebble and quartz surfaces have turned out NOT to be the panacea they were purported to be. I do pebbles, glass beads, quartz and plaster and I tell everyone the truth about each surface and what to expect.

How do you say swimming pool in Filipino?

Swimming pool is swimming pool also in spoken Filipino language but it's Filipino translation is palanguyan which is seldom used when speaking.

What are the dangers associated with swimming pool pumps?

There are not many dangers associated with swimming pool pumps if they are properly used. Swimming pool pumps to tend to give out early though.

How many construction methods are there for a swimming pool?

There are three important construction methods for a swimming pool: concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass. The most used construnction method for a swimming pool is concrete.

Where on a swimming pool does it tell who made the pool?

Sometimes a swimming pool builder will leave a sticker on or near the equipment that will say the companies name but typically a swimming pool these days won't say who built it. Our company (Florida Bonded Pools in Jacksonville Florida) used to install brass logo's in the top step of the pools we built in the 60's and in the 70's we changed to a pool tile in the waterline tile but now we just put a sticker on the equipment. I hope this helps. Feel free to visit our website floridabondedpools.com or our facebook page. You can also check with the local building department for permits issued. It typically will tell you when a permit for pool construction was issued and who the builder was.

Can germs live in a public swimming pool?

yes, germs can live on a public swimming pool. why? because a public swimming pool is used by the public and people have germs on their body and when they get in the swimming pool, the germs on their body will be transfered to the water on the pool, and germs will spread in the water and people will also get germs. after having a swimming on a public swimming pool, you need to take an immediate bath so that germs will be killed.

What is the average amount of water used in a swimming pool?

The average swimming pool takes 18000-20000 gallons of water to fill

How much distance is one lap of swimming?

The distance in one lap of swimming depends on which pool one is in. Competitive swimmers consider one lap to be one length. In the US, there are three types of pools used for competition. The first is called a 25 yard pool. It is 25 yards and is generally used in high school swimming and in club swimming during the winter season. Another type of pool is a 25 meter pool. It is generally used in the summer for club swimming. The final type of pool is called a 50 meter pool. It is the standard type used in club swimming during the summer. This type of pool is used at the Olympics.

Can you use tile grout in a pool?

Using regular cement based grouts made for flooring tiles will not last very long, there are special grouts made to withstand the discoloring effects caused by chemicals used in pool maintenance. Also swimming pool tile grout is made to have a waterproof matrix in the cement that minimizes the staining. There are a few companies who specialize in just cement based products made for swimming pools. Also if you are going to make a repair I would suggest one of the pool tile repair kits because they come with a bonding agent to help the grout last longer as well.

Size of olympic swimming pool?

Size of an Olympic swimming pool is very huge. It is used to held different swimming sports. Roughly it is the size of 88,000 cubic meter.

How do you use the word swim as an adjective?

Swimming is my favorite sports. - Swimming here is used as a gerund. He is swimming now. - Swimming here us used as a progressive tense. He is playing in the swimming pool. - Swimming here is used as an adjective.

Is swimming pool an adjective?

No, it can be considered a compound noun. Swimming is the present participle of the verb "to swim" and is used as a gerund (noun adjunct) to describe the pool. Colloquiallly, a "swimming head" (from a head that is swimming, or confused) is an adjective.

What is swimming pool buffer?

Swimming pool buffer is a type of chemical treatment used to adjust the pH balance of the water. It helps to maintain proper water conditions which are ideal for swimming.

At a swimming pool what is a spring board used for?

The spring board is used to dive from.

Can fusions be used at bromley swimming pool?

yes they can be used at the pavilion bromley

What is the largest swimming pool in north America?

i once went to a swim meet in Louisville Kentucky and it was very big. it used to be a quarry but they made a swimming pool out of it.

Can bleach be used In my swimming pool?

Yes, but it will take more and won't last as long as pool chlorine.

How does iron get into swimming pool water?

If there are no steel pipes used in the pool construction then the iron was present in the water before it was added to the pool.

What is the correct blast media and pressure to bead blast pool tile?

The traditional method uses sand or glass beads. Some cleaning companies use a media that is softer than the tile to avoid damage to the surface. Specially processed sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and hydrated magnesium sulphate (epson salts) are used quite frequently for cleaning pool tile without damaging the tile. Both of these products are not recyclable and are cleaned by dissolving in water. Care must be taken with sodium bicarbonate because it can damage landscaping if not used properly. Surface Renewal Pool Tile Cleaning uses both glass bead and magnesium sulfate to clean pool tile. You can not bead blast glass pool tile without etching so the use magnesium sulfate to clean glass pool tile is a must. On standard ceramic pool tile glass bead blasting is sufficient due to the high cost of using magnesium sulfate as long as it is done at a low pressure.

What is a swimsuit used for?

a swimsuit is used for swimming in a pool take sun shine bathing

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