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yes because they take a crap on them

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Q: Can raid ant killer kill roaches?
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Can raid ant killer kill a squirrel?

Raid Ant Killer can kill whatever you choose, yes, that does include squirrels!

Where can I purchase ant killer that works?

An ant killer that would get of them for good would be Raid Ant Killer. It is very powerful.

Can ant raid bait kill roaches?

dude, atomic BOMBS can't kill cockroaches!! that raid gotta be some serious $H!T to kill a roach, bro! BTW just chop of their heads, they will die 4 days after from starvation :)

How do you kill an ant without ant killer?


How do you kill carpenter ant?

Step on it. Spray it with Raid.

What ant can kill a small dog?

the oversized killer soldier ant of Brazil.

Why is it so hard to kill a cow killer ant?

Because if it can kill a cow, approximitly it will be hard to kill.

How do you kill ant beds?

i guess ant killer spray then wait a few minites and water hose and then STOMP!!

Can a cow killer ant kill a cow?

First of all, the cow killer or velvet ant is actually a wasp that delivers a very painful sting. However, I really don't think that a sting from one of these wasps could kill a cow.

Will your dog die if it ate raid ant killer?

It depends on how much of the Raid your dog ingested. A tiny amount will not harm your dog but if they drank more than a couple teaspoons of it, get them to the vet for treatment right away.

How do you kill a cow killer?

I really hope you are asking about a "cow-killer ant" and just just a "cow killer." If you're asking about the former, then try the following: Step on it. Spray it with Raid or some form of wasp killer. If you're asking about the latter, that's something which is condoned on this website, since it is an illegal act of violence to kill another human, even if they make a living killing cows at a slaughter house.

How do you kill maggots in your car?

I would suggest some sort of ant killer or poison or pick them out by hand or vacuum?