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No, goldfish should only live with goldfish with a few small exceptions that do not include red ear sliders.

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2013-05-08 02:27:41
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Q: Can red ear sliders live with goldfish without eating them?
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How many days can a goldfish live without food?

A goldfish can survive over 8 days without food because it is cold blooded, however it is not healthy for a goldfish to go so long without eating.

Can goldfish live without oxygen?


Can you put a goldfish in a tank without a fillter?

Yes. A goldfish can live without a filter. They may not live as long, but they do not have to have a filter, or a heater. I had goldfish in a five gallon tank without a filter for a long time. Hope that this helps.

Can a goldfish live without a dorsal fin?


Can zebra fish live with goldfish?

No, it is not a good idea to have zebra fish living with goldfish. The zebra fish is a predatory fish and will end up attacking and eating the goldfish.

Can goldfish live with algae eating fish?

no because it can eat any kind of fish

How long can a lizard live without eating?

they can live 13 days with out eating

Can turtles and goldfish live in ponds together?

Although I've seen it done before, I wouldn't recommend it because many turtles will enjoy eating the goldfish.

How long can goldfish live without a heater?

Up to 1 to 2 hours

What water do goldfish live in?

Goldfish live in FreshwaterFreshwater.

Do goldfish live on land?

goldfish do not live on land

Why is your plecostomus eating your goldfish?

Plecostomus are algae eaters they are not carnivores. They are also tropical fish so they should never be in an aquarium with coldwater fish like goldfish. If your Plecco is eating your goldfish you must be doing something very very wrong. Work it out. They can live with your goldfish but this may happen, This is because you are not feeding them enough most likely.

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