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Can rheumatoid arthiritis cause drop foot?

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Rheumatoid Vasculitis (RV) is one of the unusual complication of longstanding, severe rheumatoid arthritis. The active vasculitis associated with rheumatoid disease occurs in about 1% of this patient population. Nerve damage can cause foot or wrist drop, "mononeuritis multiplex".

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What can cause drop foot?


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Can syphilis cause drop foot?

Yes. Syphilis can cause any number of neurologic problems.

What could cause chronic pain in ankle and foot?

This can be caused by any number of things including osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis. suggest you get a doctor to have a look at it.

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What are the best exercises for foot drop?

Cycling is best exercise for foot drop.

What cause footdrop?

Foot drop is a symptom of an underlying problem, rather than a disease itself. It can be temporary or permanent. Causes of foot drop include:nerve injurybrain or spinal disordersmuscle disorders

What may cause a leprosy patient to walk unnaturally?

One characteristic occurrence is a foot drop where the foot cannot be flexed upwards, affecting the ability to walk.

What would cause transection of the sciatic nerve?

Foot drop, inability to flex the leg, loss of ankle movements.

Can drop foot be caused from fibromyalgia?

foot drop stems from weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift the foot. It can have many different causes.

In order to treat foot drop are foot orthotics worn 24hrs a day?

Yes, the best foot drop orthodic to use 24hrs is the Soft Foot Drop Brace at There are also other solutions but if you have a foot drop problem you need some type of orthodic to help you walk.

What are some of the typical symptoms of having a drop foot?

Foot drop often affect the muscles which are responsible for the ankle movement. Some typical symptoms of having a drop foot are limp foot, numbness, difficulty with certain activities and tingling.

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Injury of common peroneal nerve?

most commonly injured at the neck of the fibula. injury will cause paralysis of muscles of anterior and lateral compartments of leg along with sensory loss on the skin of the dorsum of the foot. there will be loss of dorsiflexion and that will cause foot drop with patient walking on toes of affected foot. patient will also have difficulty in eversion of the foot with foot remaining in inversion.

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How long does drop foot last?

foot drop is caused by nerve damage & can be treated w/splints, & possibly surgery, but is a permanent otherwise.

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Can foot drop be temporary?

Foot drop is caused because there is disruption in signalling of the nerve to the muscle. The muscle that brings the foot up fails and so the foot drops The nerve can be temporarily injured = neuropraxia and therefore will recover. More extensive injuries to the nerve may or may not recover. A complete transection of the nerve is unlikely to recover without surgery So it depends on the cause and how extensive the injury to the nerve is

What does it mean if you cannot lift up the toes of your foot off the ground?

I believe the term is called " drop" foot. It is very serious. You may have an injury to the nerve that supplied the front of the foot/ankle. This nerve runs from your spine, down your back, through your butt muscles. The other area that an injury can occur is your brain.....a stroke, anuerism, tumor, degenerative disease can all cause drop foot. GO TO THE DOCTOR, please.

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How do people with foot drop walk?

Some people with foot drop walk with a very exaggerated swinging hip motion to help prevent the toes from catching on the ground.

What is the cause of inversion of foot?

causes of foot inversion

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Can foot soaks cause itching?

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