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See the related question Does rubbing alcohol kill germs? As a Registered Nurse, we use alcohol only for cleansing unbroken skin prior to administering an injection. What commonly is used for wound care is betadine (puchased generically at large retail stores, Walmart, Target, is cheaper). My experience is that alcohol is quite painful to an open wound (but cheaper than betadine). The latter is not painful and my understanding more effective. Betidine is diluted iodine. Note: Finding betadine can sometimes be a pain. Generally for minor scrapes, abrasions, and lacerations hydrogen peroxide will provide the best bang for your buck - as a medium sized bottle can run you as low as 79 cents and easily last you a year. Rubbing alcohol is not recommended for sensitive skin.. or people, but it certainly works - and well. It does have a habit of drying the skin out.

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Q: Can rubbing alcohol be used to disinfect a wound?
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Should rubbing alcohol be used to disinfect?

can you use alcohol gel with bloodBorne Pathogene

Is there any medical use for alcohol?

Pure alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) is very commonly used to disinfect shallow wounds.

What would one use rubbing alcohol for?

Rubbing alcohol has many uses, mostly to do with disinfecting items, surfaces, etc. It is often used to disinfect skin before injections and piercings due to its ability to destroy almost all bacteria. Rubbing alcohol can also be used to dissolve some substances, such as ink.

Can rubbing alcohol be used on pets?

No! It is best to use peroxide on a wound and better yet see your vet! It's possible a wound could get infected.

What can be used in place of rubbing alcohol?

Vodka or GinAlso note: Hydrogen Peroxide, Betadine (Povidone Iodine), Witch Hazel and a myriad of other products exist to help disinfect wounds. The vast majority of which do not burn as badly as Isopropyl Alcohol. If you're looking for something to disinfect objects with or if you cannot purchase these other products, then like previously suggested -- Vodka would work well.

Why are alcohol pads in first aid kit?

Alcohol pads normally contain Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) which is used to sterilize or disinfect. Can be used on minor scrapes and cuts but it hurts like hell so they are generally used to clean things i.e. - tweezers, safety pins etc.

What kind of alcohol is used as rubbing alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol.

Why alcohol is used to disinfect equipment?

Alcohol is used to disinfect surgical equipment and other items which need to be made sterile before re-use because bugs can't live in alcohol. Heat is used for the same purpose.

Why rubbing alcohol is used in thermometers?


Does rubbing alcohol kill viruses?

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol can be used as a disinfectant. Rubbing alcohol can kill the HIV, hepatitis B, herpes, influenza and other viruses.

What is rubbing alcohal?

Rubbing alcohol is denatured alcohol or isopropanol in water. It is used as a disinfectant or to sooth aching muscles. Alcohol is also used a cleaning agent.

What type of alcohol is used for cosmetic preservatives?

Standard rubbing alcohol.

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