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Q: Can scientists cool matter to apples absolute zero explain your answer?
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How do you use the word absolute zero in a sentence?

Scientists hypothesize that the substance could reach the temperature of absolute zero. There were wrong. Absolute zero is the state of matter when none of its particles are moving.

How does scientists define matter?

how dose scientists define matter?

Did the big bang start from anti-matter?

No. As a matter the fact, the ABSENCE of anti-matter in our Universe is a problem scientists are still trying to explain. We know that anti-matter is almost non-existent here, but our present theories can give no reason why that should have happened -- any more than our present scientific theories can explain where lightning comes from. In both cases, scientists are working on developing better theoretical understanding.

Are rotten apples considered to be matter?

Yes, rotten apples are considered matter. They occupy space and have mass.

What are some things that scientists could not explain now?

Quantum mechanics - why matter behaves as it does on the quantum level. What exactly happened at the very beginning of the universe. Where dark matter comes from.

Is the granny apple the most popular apple in the world?

what does it matter about which apple is the best in the world. Apples are apples therfore it should not matter what apples are like, apples are the best fruit in the world so make sure you eat lots of apples and then you can be happy

Explain physics in relation to matter and energy?

explain how matter and energy are interrelated

Why do we think that dark matter exists?

Because - scientists have estimated that the mass of the universe should be more than it apparently is. Ttherefore the only logical explanation to explain the difference is 'dark matter' (until they find something more 'concrete' to provide an answer.!

How do modern scientists describe the make up of matter?

how do modern scientists describe the makeup of matter

Scientists Create a Thermometer to Measure Temperatures Below 0 Kelvin?

There is NO temperature at all below 0 (zero) Kelvin, because that is the ABSOLUTE zero point, absolute zero, the point at which there is an total absence of all thermal energy. Energy can be negative, the same as mass and eg. volume of matter.

Why do scientists study matter?

To verify the premise,s of various scientists as to origins of the cosmos

What are some scientists who study matter?