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Can semen be yellow?

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If the semen is yellow then it means the quality of your sperm is not as good as it could be. there are many factors such as diet,weight and even tight clothing affect sperm production. you also might be lacking vitamins. If you are worried then see a doctor.

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What does it mean when you have yellow seamen?

Multi-vitamins can color a mans semen yellow.

Is it normal for sperm to be yellow?

Yellow SEMEN, is not normal. It should be whitish or clear.

What STD can cause yellow semen?

Not all STDs cause yellow semen although some might. There is no proof that STDs alone are the cause of yellow semen as other factors such as poor diet, dehydration, and build-up (ie not ejaculating for a long period of time) can cause semen to become discolored.noyesyes.

Are the yellow stains on a mattress pad semen stains?

No it is probably urine, white is semen. However, dried semen may be off-white.

What is the treatment for yellow semen?

Stop eating Bananas.

What type of color braces are there?

Red, blue, green, yellow and semen

Is yellow semen an indication of a problem?

Not necessarily. Men who take daily multi-vitamin supplements can have colored (yellow/orange) semen if the ejaculate within a few hours after taking the vitamins. If memory serves, it is ithe B vitamin that colors urine and/or semen. Consult a urologist.

Can condoms make sperm green?

No, infections can make semen yellow to green.

Why does your penis leak yellow stuff?

The yellow stuff is probably semen. Semen shoots out of your penis when you ejaculate. You ejaculate when you have an orgasm. An orgasm happens when you have sex or masturbate (rubbing and stroking your penis). As you get older it should turn white.

What does it mean when your semen is yellow in color?

There is nothing wrong with that, what this is, is proberly you have started to become sexually active and this kind of colour of semen is usual at this time of puberty.

Is it normal to have yellow chunks of sperm?

Yes, if you are young. At first semen will have a yellow tint to it and will get white as you move further along in puberty.

Can you not get pregnant when sperm is yellow?

Semen can be yellowish and still be normal so you can still get pregnant.

How do you mix colours into neon yellow by using coloured pencils?

you dont you use semen

Is normal for sperm to be dark yellow?

HELL NO!! answer 2: screw that other guys answer, dark yellow is the sperm itself so if your sperm is yellow that means there is no semen in it, semen usually gives the sperm its white color lol i was having a little 'supermodle' time if u get my drift and mine was a light yellow then it was white but had bubbles in it lol is that nomal ??=/

Is cow sperm yellow or white?

Cows don't produce sperm nor semen. Bulls do. The semen that comes from bulls is white, with maybe a slight yellowish tinge.

What color does a man's semen stain look like white clothes after four months?


Can a yellowish sperm get a woman pregnant?

Yes semen is not always white, it can be gray and light yellow.

Is yellow semen a sign of infection or is it due to other reasons?

Answerno its is normal for sperm to change to a yellowish color. It's very common for semen to have a little yellow to it. No cause for alarm. But if it's totally yellow or orange, then it could be a sign of gonnorhea. -----I observed yellow semen twice in my life. The yellowest was my first time as a 13-year-old. By about the fourth ejaculation it was white. The other time was a half-dozen years later in the Army (where a "private" has the least privacy of anyone in the world), when I went most of the way through Basic Training before finding an opportunity to masturbate--again, a tinge of yellow.

What is wrong when your semen is red?

Semen will usually have a chlorine type smell but a strong foul smelling ejaculation could be a sign of infection yellow or green tinged semen could also indicate infections and red or brown semen can highlight prostate problems.

Why does your sperm have a yellow tinge?

It is normal for semen to have a whitish or light yellowish color. This has to do with the concentrations of various compounds within the semen. Often it is caused by taking supplements containing the B complex vitamins.

Is it normal for men sperm to change color?

Semen can vary in color from a very pale yellow to white. As long as your semen stay within these colors it is fine. If your semen change color dramatically or if it acquires a strange odor, then you need to go to your doctor to get it checked out, as it could be a sign of an STD.

Is there a problem if you have thick slimy yellow sperm?

There could be a problem if you have thick slimy yellow sperm. Semen is usually whitish in color and in form of fluid. You should contact a doctor to get proper diagnosis.

What is the clear substance that comes out of your penis?

It could be one of two things: pee or semen. Pee could be clear sometimes. Other times it is yellow. semen could be clear at times, other times is thick and white and messy.

Can your sperm turn a different color?

Semen can change color. Typically it changes from the normal whiteish-gray color to pale yellow. There are several causes for this. Pale yellow is usually not a cause for concern, but darker yellow can be a symptom of a medical issue such as an STD or other infection.

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