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Yes they can i have it and it is really good you can decide how many kids they have also , you can find it here: Or

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Q: Can sims 2 people have more than 2 babies?
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Can you have more than 2 babies on the sims 2?

yes with a hack look on mod the sims or another website to find it

Can you have as much babies as you like on sims 1?

I believe there is not limit to how many babies your Sims can have, although I don't think you can have more than one baby in the 'cot stage' at a time.

Can you have more than six people in your family on the sims 3 ps3?

Can you have more than 6 people in your family on sims 3 pets on ps3

How do you have quintuplets on Sims 3 at least 80 percent of the time?

Without mods it is impossible to have more than triplets on Sims 3. However, some mods, such as Master Controller by Twallan, can force instant babies and allow you to choose how many babies you want. These will enable you to have as many babies as you want, and even have more than 8 Sims in a household, but may crash your game if you have too many babies at once.

Do the babies get older in sims bustin out for ps2?

all ive heard is yes some so no but i have heard alot more people say yes than no

Can you adopt or have a kid if you have more than 8 sims on the Sims 2?

I'm afraid you can't have more than eight sims in one household together at a time. I had this family once, when I had sims 2, and I had eight family members and I couldn't get pregnant or adopt any other babies.

Can alien sims have babies?

yes the can have babies the same way anyother sim can. if you cant then you maybe have more than ten pple counting animals

How do you have a baby on sims 3 ipod?

you cant,you can only have them on sims 3:ambitions which is more cheaper than the sims 3,which i dont understand:L but yeah,you cant have babies?you can get married&stuff but no babies,dont even think you can adopt one?oh well..

Ca you have more than 3 babies at once in sims 3?

Nope. (but you can get an adopted baby at the same time).

Can you have more than 8 people in the sims 3?

Yes you can.

How do you have more than 2 babies on the Sims 2 PC?

This question could mean two things... Question #1. (How do you have more than two babies AT A TIME on the Sims 2 PC) There are hacks that you can find to get triplets. However, you cannot have triplets+ on the Sims 2 PC without cheatcodes or anything like that. The chance of getting twins on the Sims 2 PC is about ten percent. This increases slightly if the sims' parent is a twin. Possible Question (How do you have more than two babies in general?) The usual way. If you have two kids, and the parents are still young enough (not an elder) then get them to try for a baby, etc, etc. Hope this helps! (Please...If you like the answer I gave, give me a trust point!)

How do you have more than 2 babies on the sims 2 for PC?

In the site,, they have a hack for it. Or, you can type in forcetriplets, forcetwins or quadforce.

Can sims in sims 3 be moved in with each other?

Yes, they can, as long as the resulting family has no more than 8 people.

How many babies can sims have?

I know Sims can have 2 babies at once with a cheat. But you can have as many as you want just as long as your sim is an adult and a female and you have less than eight people in your family but you can make the kids move out once they are old enough, so it is endless !

How many people can you have in a household in sims 2 PC?

Up to 8 people, or, if you have Pets, a combination of 10 with no more than 8 sims or 6 pets.

Is it possible for Sims 2 people to have more than 4 babies at once?

Without a cheat, no. Though you may see many Sims 2 blogs about people having sextuplets, the only natural multiple-baby birth is twins in The Sims 2. The chance of having twins is about ten percent--increasing a bit if their parent was a twin. It's possible for your sim to have more than 2 kids. If you age one of your other kids and have them move out your parents sims can 'Try for a Baby' and have more kids. They just can't live in the same house.

Which is better your sims or your sims kingdom?

Personally I love them both. But most people say they favor My sims kingdom more than My sims.

Is there a cheat for the sims 3 where you can have more than 6 people?

Well you can have up to 8 people in your household.:)

How many babies can you have at once in the same house in sims 3 ambitions?

You can have eight babies/ children if both parents are present ( currently living there) If you only one parent then nine children. either way, you can't have more than ten sims in one house hold.

Is is possible to have more than two babies on the Sims?

you can have 2 babies on the sims If you mean the sims 1 then no and yes. I read in the instruction manual that you must wait a short period of time before you get another baby request. Though it might be possible for two separate couples in the same house to both have a child in the infant stage simultaneously.

How can you have 10 babies on sims 2?

if you want to have them all at the same time i don't think it's possible. but if you want them to be born separately them you will have to do it each time.and you can't have more than 8 Sims in your house at once

On sims 2 can you have more than 500 people in 1 household?

no the biggest number of people you can have is 10 i think

How do you control more than 8 sims on sims 3. I want to make a video and I was wondering if it's possible to use more than 8 sims in a lot?

You can't really 'control' more than 8 sims at once but you could maybe take your household to a community lot where there will be more sims that you can interact with; or throw a party and invite over sims that you want in your movie.

In the Sims 3 is there babies toddlers children and pregnant Sims If so what has changed?

yes there are going to be children, babies,and toddlers. A new age group for the sims 3 is the young adult stage of life, other than that there are lots of different things going on in the sims! For more info go to the sims 3 official website.also if want any more info on sims3 and maybe more than any other person go to and go to the VIP and it tells u things about it and it keeps it on there for a monthThis is a lie i actually have the sims 3 for the wii and you cant have babies or toddlers it goes child, teen, young adult, adult, old person. don't give random crap to the people who need help geez

The codes to have more than 2 babies on sims 2?

There aren't any codes that will let you have more than one child. You have to download something called a mod, so your sim will be able to have more than two. Just go to the site called Mod The Sims 2 using the Google search engine. Then search for the mod you want and download it.