Can siri work on iPhone 4?

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No, Siri is a program (not an app) that is installed into the iphone 4s. The iphone 4 doesn't have this program therefore Siri cannot and never will be able to work on the iphone 4.
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Is iPhone 4 able to work in India?

Yes, it is working in india, as of now u hav 2 options... a...get a Jailbreaked version of iphone 4 b...get a factory unlocked version of iphone 4 both works perfectly fine...i am using factory unlocked version, which i got from singapore, and my friend is using jailbreaked which he bought f ( Full Answer )

Does the iPhone 4 work?

Yea it sure does if it didn't Apple wouldn't have put it out in the first place.

How does the iPhone 4 work?

Basically it is no different than the ipodtouch other than it hassome different apps meant for a phone. It has a touchscreen and Internet and it is a good phone.

Does iPhone 3gs apps work on iPhone 4?

yes, but not all iphone 4 apps are available on the iphone 3gs/3g/2g becuase they are too high resolution apps, or need a front facing camera.

Would an American IPhone 4 work in England?

Yes and no, you may not be able to charge it with out special wires that you can get there, and when your in the air port in the US. If you get the special wires, then yes, if not, good luck!

Will iPhone 4S siri be available in app store?

No as the other iOS devices do not have a faster processor apart from the iPad 2 which may receive it later. It will be pre-loaded on the iPhone 4S however so ther eis no need to download it! . Did you know Siri used to be an app on the app store before Apple bought it and put it in the iPhone 4S? ( Full Answer )

How do you get siri on IPhone 4?

You can but it requires jailbreaking an iPod touch or iPhone 4 on IOS 5. I you would like to get it you will have to wait a bit because there is only 1 website that tells you how to do it. But if you don't want to jailbreak your I device, there are some very similar apps on the app store for example ( Full Answer )

What does siri stand for on the iPhone 4S?

Supreme Software, International & Intelligent, Recommending, Indicator for the iPhone 4S Software only compatible for iOS iDevices 5+ Developed in Apple inc.

Can you get siri on iPhone 4?

Not yet. Apple are apparently going to make it available for purchase for others for a small price but not yet anyway. There is an app called Vlingo that is good at doing the same kind of thing, just not as good at all.

What funny things can you ask Siri on iPhone 4S?

Siri can be fun to mess around with sometimes. if you ask her what her favorite color is, she might reply "i dont know how to say it in your language, but its sort of greenish. only with more dimensions." if you ask her what she is wearing, she will reply referring to the metal and glass that is use ( Full Answer )

Can you download Siri on your iPhone 4?

It is possible with the program called, "Spire" Spire requires jailbreaking though, and it is very complicated and not recommended

How does Siri work?

I think the way it works is by searching for certain key phrases, for example if you ask for kebab shops, it will search for local kebab shops using data from where you are etc and then bring those up

What is Siri?

Siri is the voice control feature currently available on the iPhone 4S. You can ask Siri to perform tasks for you, such as check the weather ad send emails and text messages. Unlike a normal voice control system, Siri talks back to you when answering question or giving u information

Is Siri for iPhone an app?

Yes and no. It is an exclusive application for iPhone 4S only, and it comes with it already, as the other factory apps such as Camera, Phone, Messages, Facetime, ect. You can't download it through App Store, and you won't need, if you have an iPhone 4S, as you will already have it installed. If you ( Full Answer )

Where does siri work?

Siri doesn't work anywhere its a computer that was built to answer any question you might have

What Can Siri do?

Siri can tell you the weather, read you you're text message, set a timer, make an appt. on your calendar, look up stuff on google, find equivalent measurements, and much much more!

Does iPod 4 gen have siri?

No, but it have voice control it's the same like Siri but you can't say "how many chick fi la are in my area" you can only say " message Kevin or face time mom play song the motto message Daniela and who sings the song I will always love you. To do voice control to press on an app like if you want t ( Full Answer )

Does iPod Touch 4 has Siri?

Not exactly but if you hold the home button for 5 seconds a "Voice Control" screen will pop up and you have the option to choose music based on what artist or album you want. The voice sounds like Siri so I guess this is what the question asks for. Other than that the iPhone 4S has all of Siri.

Will a telus iPhone 4 work on koodo?

Nope unless the Iphone is unlocked to Koodo.. Unlocking can be done using remote unlocking method for Iphones... This service will be available at

What is ''SIRI''?

Siri is a feature on the iphone 4s and 5 that is similar to voice control. She responds to your voice and will answer questions, tell you the weather, search the web, send and call people, have funny conversations with you, remembers your name and more. There is 2 ways to activate siri: 1) by hold ( Full Answer )

Does Siri work on the iPad?

It is now available on the Ipad. It works so poorly, however, that it is not useful, IMHO.

Who is siri?

A guy on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Hold down the home button to get him. Ask him any questioon you like. SIRI IS AWESOME!

Are you siri?

Im not Siri But siri is a phone app on a iphone any iphoneand u press the bouttom to speak to it in google images type up aniphone if u dont know what is it! Thanks xx SB

How much is the Iphone 4 with all the pieces required to work?

The cost of an Iphone 4 with the accessories like a charger and headphones would cost around $500 if the device is bought outright with no contract. Many cellular companies offer the phone at a discount rate if a contract for 2-3 years is agreed to and signed. Most companies offer this device with a ( Full Answer )

How do you use the siri function on the iPhone 5?

To make sure siri is on, go to settings > general > Siri >On. Once Siri is on, she can be activated by holding down the homebutton. Once a command or question is spoken, it will be processedSiri will respond.

Why was the IPhone Siri named after?

The IPhone Siri was named after a man's daughter. This man wantedto name it Siri because of his daughter, Siri, and made up aabbreviation for some thing. For real, the IPhone Siri is S.I.R.I.

Does iPhone 1 have siri?

no only i phone 4 and 5 and be rich get a life people that startthere name with k are stup

Who is the voice of Siri on my iPhone?

Susan Bennett is the original voice of Siri. There are otherspeakers for the different English accents and other Sirilanguages.