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Can skunks smell their spray?


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I don't mean to sound like a smart alex but they must or they wouldn't spray that awful stuff.

Answer (actually,just a comment)If they do then it must be horribly to their noses

mabie their just used to it

AnswerThey are just used to it, they have lived with that smell ever since they were born. It's sort of like when you can't smell your own house, but visiters do.

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No, the spray is what makes the skunk notorious for the smell.

no but skunks spray chemicals that do, at perceived predators and the smell is notoriously difficult to get rid of.

yes, depending on how much they spray

a skunks protection is smell they spray it at there enemy

They spray when they see yellow Skunks can spray you from many yards away

When a skunks spray hits its target, the spray smells so bad it can burn the nose and eyes. The smell can not be washed off with water either.

they let out an stinky spray that doesn't smell good.

Yes. Skunks HATE the smell of skunk oil. They try their best not to get it on themselves. Or on other skunks. If there is a chance the wind could blow the oil their way, they might decide not to spray at all. And believe me, they could tell if they got it on themselves. A skunks strongest sense is smell.

Yes, baby skunks do spray. We have some baby skunks and they spray. We haven't got them descented. :)

Skunks do use their tail to fan the smell however the stench comes from a gland located near the skunks rear end. Skunks move their tails to expose the gland.

Skunks spray smelly musk to repell threats.

Skunks only spray in self-defense

No. Skunks spray when they feel very threatened.

Striped polecats spray like skunks.

Skunks spray when they feel threatened, so if the skunk is already dead, there would be no reason to spray.

Technically, skunks can spray onto any surface, so yes, they can spray onto concrete.

Hi. The reason that a dog's ability to smell is affected when a skunk sprays on it is due to the fact that the smell of the skunk spray is so overpowering that all the dog can smell is that horrid skunk smell. Hope I helped, Miles 'Tails' Prower =]

It doesn't spray, but it sure stinks. We have skunks around here and if one gets hit by a car you can smell it for several hours.

all skunks naturally spray but when domesticated they can have their stink glands removed!!

Skunks are animals the spray.

Skunk spray, especially up close, is the rankest, most pugnant smell there is. It's like a decaying body mixed with burnt rubber.

When in danger, skunks are known for their ability to spray a repulsive gas from their behinds.

skunks spray a defensive gas

No it is skunks that spray.

This is made from secretions from the skunks scent gland.

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