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Yes you can be pregnant and not have any signs of breast tenderness. All women are different and each womans body will adjust to pregnancy at its own pace so maybe your breast tenderness will be with you in a few weeks or months!!

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Q: Can someone be pregnant and have no signs of breast tenderness?
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If your breasts are really soft are you pregnant?

Breast tenderness is one of the presumptive signs of pregnancy.

Signs of 1 month pregnant?

Missed period, breast tenderness or swollen nipples, morning sickness, headaches.

What are the signs for ovulating?

There are many signs breast tenderness,bloating and mild abdominal pain are the most noticable signs.

What are some signs of breast augmentation problems?

There are a variety of signs that one has breast augmentation problems including but not limited to lumps in the breast, decreased breast size, distorted breast shape, asymmetry and pain or tenderness.

What are the signs of a period?

Breast tenderness, mild cramping, and bad or sad moods.

What are signs of breast growth?

Usually tenderness, soreness and them becoming more firm.

What are all the symptoms of pregnancy?

Some signs and symptoms to look for if you believe you might be pregnant include * missed period, * nausea with or without vomiting, * tiredness, * dizziness, * breast changes and breast tenderness, and * frequent urination.

What are symptoms during pregnancy?

Some signs and symptoms to look for if you believe you might be pregnant include * missed period, * nausea with or without vomiting, * tiredness, * dizziness, * breast changes and breast tenderness, and * frequent urination.

Can you please tell me about pregnancy symptoms?

Some signs and symptoms to look for if you believe you might be pregnant include * missed period, * nausea with or without vomiting, * tiredness, * dizziness, * breast changes and breast tenderness, and * frequent urination.

What are the most common signs of very early pregnancy?

Three good signs are missing the period, nausea and the breast tenderness.

I just finished my perod a week and 12 ago and I am having horrible Breast tenderness and swelling. Could I be pregnant?

no symptoms don't really start until 3 months after your pregnant. i mean it could be possible your pregnant but you wouldn't be showing signs.

You are about 4 to 5 weeks pregnant you had all the symptoms of early pregnancy within the last day or so your symptoms are slowly going away but you havnt had bleeding or other signs of loosing baby?

no sign of pms one day before I due. Could I be pregnant or do I have to have any pains, breast tenderness, niplle tenderness

Is it possible to show signs of pregnancy two days after sex?

You may not be able to know for sure if you're officially pregnant, but you can show signs within a few days. I personally had a lot of breast tenderness within 3-5 days of conception.

After you got your period for about a week later your breast and nipples were extremely tender but now they are not could you be pregnant?

well breast tenderness can be caused by other things to such as water retention, period signs, and also pergnany breast tenderness in pregnancy occurs about 6 to 8 weeks of conception, and you can not have a true period while pregnant to have a period you need to ovulate and you cant while pregnant, but there id a thing called early pregany bleeding and it can happen about when you expect your period, but it usually does not last as long nor it isn't as heavy and the the color will be either pinkier or brownish

Breast pain and nausea?

Either signs of pms or pregnant

Is it possible to be pregnant if you are breastfeeding and then notice cramps for 2 weeks tender breasts and egg-white vaginal discharge and then the symptoms go away except for breast tenderness?

the breastfeeding explains the tenderness and the cramping, so for now no worries but if you have any other signs get a test and check it out, best of luck

Am I most likely be pregnant some symptoms i have Breast Tenderness Fatigue Frequent Urination Nausea Dizziness Heartburn and or Constipation Food Cravings or Aversions to Foods but im cramping?

most likely you are those are symptoms also you can have your period or signs of your period even if your pregnant

What are the signs that you are about to have your period?

It differs from person to person but usually the signs would be breast tenderness, lower back pain, light stomach cramps and perhaps irritibality (pms).

You have nausea and tenderness of the breast are you pregnant?

The only way to tell if you are pregnant is first have you had a period in the last two months. Are you on birth control, if you are on any form of birth control you are not pregnant and if you have just come off of birth control you are not pregnant. If you haven't had a period and aren't on birth control start with a home pregnancy test if it comes back negative your not pregnant. If it comes back positive then go to your OBGYN and get a blood test and if the blood test comes back negative you aren't. Nausea and breast tenderness are not tell tale signs of a pregnancy those symptoms can happen for a number of reasons.

Are leaking breast signs of a pregnancy?

Yes. A sign of later pregnant

What signs do your nipple give when pregnant?

Some women complain of nipple tenderness with pregnancy. The main signs of pregnancy are missing period and positive pregnancy test.

What signs should you look for if you think you may be pregnant?

Hello. Signs of pregnancy are as follows: * Missed period or very light bleeding on your period. * Spotting of blood in your underwear. * Abdominal cramping similar to a approaching period. * PMS symptoms. * Breast tenderness or breast looking swollen. * Nipple tenderness. * Aerola darkening. * Headaches. * Feeling sick or nasueous. * Food adversions and/or cravings. * Increase in vaginal discharge. Above are pregnancy symptoms. I hope this has helped you some. If I have then please recommend me.

Can you have signs of early pragnacy before your period?

For me the early signs were moodiness and tenderness in my breasts. You can also have a slight discharge or tenderness in abdominal area. I would get a pregnancy test just to make sure. No early signs are a guarantee. If you are pregnant I cannot stress enough the urgency of a doctor visit.

What is the signs of breast cancer?

Lumps in your breast is the most common one. Theres also armpit swelling, nipple discarge, pain in nipples, inverted nipples, scaly skin in breast area, persistant tenderness, and unusual pain in breast area.

If hpt are negativean hcg test is neg but you still have not had your period are usually regular could you still be pregnant Even when no signs of your period are showing had breast tenderness?

No you are definitely not pregnant as the blood test is 100% accurate. You most likely have a hormonal imbalance or irregular periods. Also see a GYNO.

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