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Ration stamps were used to even distribute goods that were in limited supply. Each person in a household was issued a ration book. In addition to paying for the items, the proper ration stamps had to be given to the shopkeepers to get certain things.

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2011-01-22 20:55:30
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Q: Can someone explain ration stamps for me?
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What were the wartime ration stamps for?

To ration food during wartime.

How much is a war ration book no 3 with all stamps worth?

all the ration book stamps were worth £30.00.that is one ration book only.

What is the value of 1942 ration stamps?

Although there are rare stamps, in general WWII food ration stamps in a book of stamps (with some missing) are worth $2 to $5. An absolutely new book of stamps (unsigned) might be worth $10 or more. A book of stamps signed by someone famous would, of course, be worth even more. Loose stamps (not in a book) are generally worthless - a few pennies, if that.

How many ration stamps had to be used to buy food?


What is the value of World War 2 ration stamps?


How did someone get their food ration from a shop?

They would be registered at certain shops - their local butcher, greengrocer, and so on. On presenting their ration books, the shopkeepers would give them the rations allowed, and remove the number of stamps required.

How did they ration food during world war 2?

food stamps

What could you actually buy with ration stamps?

Food, fuel etc.

What do ration books look like?

Ration books looked like little notebooks but inside them they're like little letter stamps

Where would you have collected your food rations from in WW2?

As a civilian, you received a book of ration STAMPS from the War Rationing Board. When you purchased an item from a merchant that was rationed, you need money AND ration stamps for that item. This included food- which you bought from the grocer or butcher.

What is a war ration book four worth with some stamps?

A few dollars to the right collector. Everyone that lived in the US was issued ration books, so they are pretty common. Finding one with a lot of stamps left in it is much harder. That would mean that the person didn't use their stamps to buy goods.

Are 1940 food stamps worth anything?

The food stamp program was started in the 1960's.. no such thing as 1940 food stamps. There were ration stamps for food and gas in the forties during WW2

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