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yes they can hide it well but they still will be a narcissist. I agree, this sounds like a narcissist who is hiding it. If you listen carefully to a narcissist, you will usually notice they do try to make themselves sound good, even if they don't sound obviously arrogant. Conversations always come back to them and their interests, or what they think about someone else, or their powers...but it can be very subtle. One trademark of the narcissist is their short attention span when you talk about yourself or your interests. Some will cut you off in mid-sentence, check their watch, wander off, stare into space or get a glazed look in their eyes. Some will even fall asleep. They usually can't hide their lack of interest in other people's doings. Their wavering attention span seems to be their Achilles' heel.

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Q: Can someone have both grandiose fantasies but not arrogant behavior and a constant need for attention and not be a narcissist?
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What does the idiom high and mighty mean?

it means the person is self-important, thinks of himself as grandiose, and has an arrogant manner

What does the idioms high and mighty means?

it means the person is self-important, thinks of himself as grandiose, and has an arrogant manner

Do narcissists have arrogant facial expressions or dead eyes?

Narcissist are great at tricking people into believing they are something different than what they actually are. While they might at times have arrogant facial expressions or seem to show no emotion towards you at all, expect them appear confident. The last thing a narcissist wants is for you to discredit him by calling him a narcissist, so it is probably safe to assume that they are trying to avoid arrogant facial expressions.

What do you call an arrogant man?

an egotist, perhaps if vanity is involved a narcissist? regarding a woman a chauvinist?

My therapist told me my soon to be ex husband is a closet narcissist after meeting him. Does anyone know the differences between a narcissist and a closet narcissist?

It has been suggested there may be another variant of narcissism called closet narcissism or shy narcissism. It is a little more difficult to describe and understand. Most people with narcissistic personality disorder are exhibitionists. They believe they are the greatest, smartest, most wonderful, and most exceptional human beings on the planet. They manage to suppress their feelings of inadequacy and replace it with a self manufactured super man. The exhibitionist narcissist seeks admiration from everyone all the time. They abandon people who do not satisfy that need.In some cases a closet narcissist manages to keep such overt grandiose behaviors hidden. They are not so openly arrogant. They suffer from envy. A closet narcissist may have a more deflated self perception and be more aware of their emptiness. The closet narcissist is constantly seeking approval. They are not as strong as the exhibitionist and may experience humiliation and abandonment issues when they fail to get what they need.

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Yes he smokes. I witnessed this with my own eyes. He also dropped the cig on the floor when he was done and didnt stand on it to put it out. He is also an arrogant narcissist, at least that was my impression of him.

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