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No sound can travel through space. Sound travels by vibrating adjacent molecules. The sound wave travels along these molecules until it dissipates with distance.

In the vacuum of space, there are no molecules (this is not considering celestial bodies like planets or meteors because they are not a part of the vacuum), so sound cannot travel.

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Q: Can sound energy travel through the vacuum of space?
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Where can sounds not travel?

Sound cannot travel in a vacuum. Sound is mechanical energy, and it travels by the transfer of mechanical energy through the medium through which it is traveling. If there is nothing to transfer the mechanical energy, like there is nothing in a vacuum, sound cannot travel there.

What is true about sound in a vacuum?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum, it needs a medium to travel through as its the vibration of particles that allows its energy to progress

Why does the sound not travel through vacuum?

The sound not travel through vacuum because sound need a medium to travel.

Why can sound energy not travel travel through a vacuum?

Sound waves are a vibration of molecules in the medium through which it passes. A vacuum has no medium, it is void of matter. Thus, no molecules to vibrate, no sound waves.

How fast can sound travel through a vacuum?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

What energy that can travel through different mediums but cannot travel a vacuum?

The word you're looking for is... sound.

Can sound travel through vacuum tube?

Sound cannot travel through vacuum, but unless there is sufficient insulation, sound might travel through the material the tube is made of.

What sound cant travel through?

sound can't travel through a vacuum. or a place without air.

What is the kind of energy that can travel through different mediums but cannot travel through a vacuum?

You are probably thinking of thermal convection and conduction.

Can sound travel easily through a vacuum?

sound cannot travel through a vacum

What can not travel through a vacuum?


The velocity of sound in vacuum is?

It is told that sound cannot travel trough vacuum. Sound can only travel through medium.