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Yeas but not for more than 8h ours.

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Q: Can sperm survive at below body temperature?
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What is the best temperature to produce sperm?

Sperm is best produced just a few degrees below normal body temperature.

What temperature does sperm live in?

The optimal temperature is 1 to 2 degrees celsius below body temperature

What is the temperature of sperm?

Sperm are produced best at about 4-5 degrees below body temperature, but when they are emitted, they are at your current body temperature (which will likely be elevated considering what you're doing then).

What temperature is required for sperm production?

Temperature below body temperature in neccessary for sperm production. That is why the testicles are descended; they need to have a separate, lower temperature system.

How does temperature affect sperm cells?

Sperm cells die at high temperature, or for that matter, even at body temperature. Hence the testes are placed in an extra abdominal sac -scrotum where temperature is 2o below the body temperature!

What is the temperature required for sperm production?

A temperature a couple of degrees below the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees F is needed for sperm production. That is the reason the testicles are outside the male's body in the scrotum.

Is it true Viable sperm cannot be produced at temperatures below body temperature?

No, they have to be a couple of degrees below body temperature to produce. That's why the testicles are outside the body so that they can be a little cooler.

How long does sperm stay alive outside the body in a covered container?

Not very long. Where normal cells have the resilience to survive with some fluctuations in temperature, sperm cells do not and require a set temperature to survive. That is unless you freeze them quickly.

Viable sperm cannot be produced at below body temperature?

They can only be produced at 1 or 2 0C below body temperature; that's why the scrotum carries the testes outside the body and at a slight distance away from the body.

Can sperm survive outside the body?

for the timebeing.

What is the temperature necessary for normal sperm production?

The best temperature of the testes for normal sperm production is 1-1/2 to 2 degrees below body temperature, so, say, about 97 degrees.

How does wearing tight underwear affects the sperm count in males.?

Sperm production is temperature dependent (it must be below "normal" body temperature); so tight underwear warms the testes and reduces sperm count.

What is the best temperature to keep sperm alive?

The best temperature to keep sperm alive is with the human body. You may realise that during very cold temperatures your scrotum tends to go closer to your body. This is because they want to get the body heat. Once the sperm leaves the penis, it will not survive for very long.

Does the tanning bed hurt sperm count for men?

Yes, tanning beds can reduce sperm count. Sperm is stored in the testes in the scrotum for a reason. The sperm needs to be held in the scrotum because sperm cannot survive the regular body temperature and needs to be kept at a lower temperature (in the scrotum). When men tan, the temperature of the sperm increases, killing them.

Do hot tubs reduce sperm cells?

The sperm need to be cooler than body temperature, hot tubs increase the temperature of the testicles above body temperature and production of sperm is decreased.

Do males who wear tight pants tend to be less fertile than males who wear lose clothing?

If the pants are tight in the crotch area, then yes. The sperm in your scrotum survive at a temperature a couple degrees lower than your body temperature. This is why your sperm is stored away from your body. So tight pants and "whitie tightie" underwear push your scrotum against your body and raises the temperature of your sperm. This kills your sperm and gives you a lower sperm count.

Can sperm survuve outside the body?

No it will not survive as SPERM only live for split of seconds.

Does body temperature affect sperm production?

yes. it so effects sperm production. as they are heat sensitive, when there is a increase in body temperature the sperm count in men decreases.

Is sperm warm?

On ejaculation it is at body temperature

How long can sperm be kept in the fridge to be used for fertilisation?

You should save you sperm at body temperature, and even then it can only survive about 2 days. If you've brought your sperm to a laboritory and they've 'worked' it, it can be kept longer.

Why are mens testicles on the out side?

It has to do with temperature control. The scrotum acts like a thermostat, regulation the temperature of the sperm. You may notice that in cold water, the scrotum retractst the testes closer to the body. The reverse happens while exercising or sweating. Sperm cells survive best in just under body temperature. If the testicles were inside the body there would be no form of temperature regulation.

How long can a sperm survive outside the body?

3 days

How long sperm live in a female body while she on her period?

How long sperm can survive in the female body depends on how healthy the sperm are and whether the female is fertile at the time. If there is fertile quality cervical mucus present then sperm can potential survive for up to a week within her body.

What are some animals that can survive their body temperature going below freezing?

there are many animals like pinguines and polar bears

What keeps the sperm a its temperature?

The sperm keeps it temperature because the ball sack will lower when the body temperature is to warm for the sperm. Although if the air is to cold the ball sack will higher closer to the body and warm up the cold sperms.