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Q: Can squid be found in all oceans?
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What do squid do in the oceans?

Squid can be found in places with salt water. California, Hawaii, and the Gulf of Mexico are all locations where squid can be found living.

Where does a squid live?

A squid lives in the oceans.

Were can the vampire squid be found?

Vampire squids are small, deep-sea cephalopods. They are found in tropical oceans all over the world. They prefer a warm, temperate climate.

What are the squid habitat?

In all three oceans. In the middle closest to the bottom!

How does squid adapt to antarctica?

Squid are marine creatures that live in oceans that surround Antarctica. Oceans are their natural habitat.

What oceans do giant squids live in?

Giant squid are found any place in the World Ocean where the temperature and other conditions are favorable.

In what oceans are starfish found?

in all oceans in da world

What oceans do porpoises live in?

Porpoise can be found in all oceans.

What is a Giant Squid's Habitat?

Giant squid live in all of the oceans of the world. They are not known to frequent tropical and polar areas. They span a wide range of depths as well.

Where does the giant squid live in the world?

Deep in oceans

What Country can octopus's be found in?

Octopus are generally found in oceans and seas around the world.

What is the geographical distribution of the squid?

Squids are found in most of the major oceans, In the Atlantic, the Pacific, and sometimes in New Zealand bodies of water. They may also be found in places in Europe.