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Yes it can cause facial swelling.

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Q: Can strep cause facial swelling
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Do strep throat cause swelling?

strep throat can cause some swelling in your throat. It should not swell any other part of your body that is not near your throat.

Is it possible to get facial swelling if taking B12 vitamins?

Yes, it is possible (although fairly unlikely). The B12 compound won't cause the swelling, but one or more of the inert coumpounds in the formulation could cause the facial swelling.

What causes your face to swell?

Consult a physician. There are many medications that can cause facial swelling.

Can sinus cause facial swelling?

Yes, it can. Most often the spot beside your nose.

Can underactive thyroid cause facial swelling?

An underactive thyroid gland is commonly referred to as hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can cause several symptoms including fatigue, forgetfulness, constipation, weight gain, water retention, as well as facial puffiness or swelling.

Can acne cause swelling?

Yes, acne can cause facial swelling around the area of infection. To reduce swelling and inflammation caused by acne, try using an all-natural facial scrub, Aloe Vera, or even honey on your face. To prevent swelling and prolonged infection from acne, do your best to refrain from picking or popping zits.

Can juniper cause hives and facial swelling?

yes very much like poison oak

What could cause facial swelling under the left eye and left cheek area?

Facial swelling under the eyes and cheeks can be caused by a mild to serious disorder. Swelling may even be caused by an allergic reaction from food to animal dander.

Why would strep throat cause urine in blood and swelling of the face and hands?

This can lead to acute glomerulonephritis in some patients.

Could Tylenol cause facial swelling?

Tylenol is one of the most used pain relievers in the United States. It can solve face swelling because of relieving nerve problems. Typically, it will not cause face swelling unless the patient is allergic to it.

Is facial swelling a symptom of trigeminal neuralgia?

Yes, many people with TN suffer with facial swelling on the same side as they experience pain.

What would cause the glands in the neck be swelled?

The glands in your neck can be swollen for a number of reasons. The common cold, flu virus or strep throat can all cause swelling of the glands.

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