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Rust is a chemical reaction. Almost any chemical reaction happens faster when the reactant materials are warmed.

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Q: Can temperature affect how metal rusts?
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Related questions

Does saltwater affect the rate metal rusts?

Yes it does!

What rusts metal?

Oxygen is a corrosive element that rusts metal.

Does the size of an object affect how much it rusts?

No,the type of metal is the only thing that effects this.:)

Is metal rust bad for trees?

Metal rust will not harm trees. There are a number of fungus rusts that can harm plants but they are not metal rusts.

What transition metal rusts when exposed to oxygen?

Iron rusts in the presence of Oxygen.

Things that rust?

Metal rusts.

Which of the metal rusts the slowest?


If metal rusts is it the same metal?

The rust is an oxide of the base metal.

Does salt in sea water affect of metal?

yes and no. the water holds oxygen which rusts metal while the salt just makes the process faster

What is the name of the process in which metal rusts?

The process in which metal rusts is called oxidation. This happens usually when water is present and the oxygen can bond with the metal releasing hydrogen into the air.

How is the composition of metal changed if it rusts?

When it rusts, the iron is oxidised and forms a hydrated lead oxide.

What do water and oxygen do to metal?

metal rusts when exposed to water and oxygen

Which metal rusts first copper or iron?

Iron does

What is the metal that is rusts easily and its hard solid?


What rusts nails fastest?

hot temperature and humidityvinegar

What is the reason why nails rust in water?

They're metal and metal rusts because the iron in metal oxidizes.

What material causes a water pipe to burst?

the pipes were metal and metal rusts when water is on it

What factors promote rust?

The two main factors that influence the rate a metal rusts are moisture and air. Another factor that has some influence is temperature.

What scientifically happens to metal when it rusts?

a chemical change occurs

A metal chair rusts chemical or physical?

it is a chemical change

Why is most Iron in the world not found as the metal?

Iron rusts.

What change happens when a metal fork rusts?

physical change

Why is the tarnishing of a silver spoon a chemical change?

metal rusts

What type of metal rusts the slowest?

metals rust the slowest

What does acid rain do to your cars?

Eats the paint and rusts the metal.