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yes you can use it on nintendo 3DS only if it say you can use it on nintendo 3ds this website is one of ones can use in on nintendo 3ds and nintendo 3ds xl as well with nintendo dsi, nintendo dsi xl, nintendo ds you can buy it from this website.

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Q: Can the 3ds use the action replay dsi?
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Can you use Action Replay DSI on 3DS?

No, the 3DS will not recognise it.

Can you use action replay dsi on 3ds games?

no. it will not work. im guessing that eventually action replay 3DS will come out and then you could use it on 3DS games.

Where do you download codes for action replay dsi?

you can't use the action replay in the DSi NO YES U CAN YOU NEED ACTION REPLAY DSi

Can you use a action replay on a Nintendo DSi?

You will need Action Replay DSi - the regular Action Replay device will not work.

How do you use the dsi action replay with the Dsi XL?

Same way you use it with any other DS product. You enter the game into the Action Replay, and then enter the action replay into your DS(i, XL, 3DS, Lite) like any normal game. you enter the codes into your action replay and then you play with the action replay in your ds as it is in there. The only difference between a DSi XL and any other DS is that the screen is larger,and it has the benefits of a DSi.

Is the Action Replay DS compatible with the Nintendo 3DS?

No, you will need a different format of Action Replay, which will be more expensive. BUT you can use your action replay DS with it for your DS games the action replay DSi is not compatible for some odd reason -_-

Can you use action replay ds codes for the dsi?

yes. a dsi is the same as a normal ds but with a camera.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can use the same codes from the DS to the DSI, but you cannot use a DS Action Replay for the DSI, you have to use a DSi Action replay, which works with all, to get codes for DSi.

Can you use a Dsi action replay to play 3ds games on a dsi?

No, simply because the action replay was built for DS games. You can't play 3DS games on a DSi anyways because the software that the DSi runs won't read the newer chips. Also, the 3DS chips won't fit into a DSi because of the way that the 3DS chip was designed. However, the DS games can be played on a 3DS because the newer systems can recognize the older games, you just can't use the 3D feature.

How do you use action replay on dsi?

To use it on a DSi, you have to have the special DSi version of AR (action replay). If it isn't, then you have to do it on the original DS or DS Lite.

Can you use the DSi action replay on the DS lite?

I have bought myself a DSi Action Replay, And Yes, the DSi Action Replay works on a DS Lite. I also have a lite and a frequent ouer of action replay dsi. It works verywell.

Can you use an action replay for the DSI on a DS?

no you can not

Can you use a dsi action replay for ds lite?

Yes the Dsi action replay works for all ds systems

Can you use your dsi action replay for the wii because i don't have hamebrew for my wii?

No, you cannot use a DSi Action Replay for the Wii - there isn't even a slot for DS games on the Wii. The DSi Action Replay can only be used for a DSi console.

Why is action replay for Nintendo Ds not compatible with Dsi?

It's because Nintendo designed it to not be able to cheat on. you can use your action replay on a dsi it doesnt need to be a action replay DSi to work

DSi Action Replay?

Action replay does not support the dsi firmware but you can use an r4i or an acecard 2i i wen't onto game and typed in dsi action replay and order one

Can you use the same codes that you use on Action Replay DS for Action Repaly DSi?

yes and they are the exact same only action replay dsi works also for dsi the normal ds one does not work on dsi

Can you use an action replay on a DSi?

YES! Yes you can

Are you able to use action replay on DSi?


How can you get a Arceus on diomand?

use action replay dsi

Can you use gameshark codes on an Action Replay DSi?


Is it safe to use action replay for your dsi?

yes it is

Can you use action replay ds for ds i?

No, unfourtunately! Action Replay DS was created before the DSi so It won't work. Surely there will be an action replay DSi soon.

Is it possible to play a Nintendo 3DS game on a Nintendo DSi if you use an Action Replay DSi?

A simple answer. No. Not even through hacking. Nintendo 3DS games may only be played on the actual system because they can be viewed in 3D.

What are the risks of Action Replay?

I used an Action Replay on my DSi with Pearl, and froze the game. The software was wiped and my DSi got a minor bug. Action Replay can be fun, but use it with caution and never use untested codes.

Does action replay work for 3ds?

Answer: Action Replay does work for the 3DS console, but as of right now (24 July 2013) no 3DS games are compatible with the Action Replay 3DS due to hacking problems. You can still use it on regular DS games but not on the current 3DS games. To sum up my answer the answer is yes and no.