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Can the progesterone blood test detect pregnancy?

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Q: Can the Progesterone Blood Test detect pregnancy?
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Would a blood test for pregnancy detect hiv?

No, a blood test for pregnancy would not detect HIV. Ask for the HIV test by name.

When to do the blood test for pregnancy?

Blood test are good for women who do not have enough hcg in their urine to detect on a home urine pregnancy test. A blood test can detect pregnancy before a hpt can. Hopes this help

I am taking progesterone capsule vaginally my pregnancy test is positive is it because of progesterone capsule?

No. Pregnancy tests detect the hormone hcg which your body produces when you are pregnant. Progesterone would not be picked up on a pregnancy test. If your test came back positive, you are pregnant. See a doctor to confirm.

Is it possible for a blood test meant to detect anemia before surgery to detect the pregnancy hormone is at all likely?

No, because they would have to test for pregnancy to detect it. They can use the same blood to test it though if you request it.

Can caffeine give a negative blood pregnancy test result?

A pregnancy test does no detect caffeine.

What can blood test detect?

A blood test can detect many different diseases. It also can detect pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and sexually transmitted infections.

Can blood test detect pregnancy at 5 days?


What can a blood test detects?

A blood test can detect many different diseases. It also can detect pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and sexually transmitted infections.

What if your hcg level is to low to detect pregnancy?

Pregnancy can also be detected through a blood test

Will blood test help to know about the pregnancy result?

Yes the immunoassay test which can detect pregnancy as early as 10 days.\

Is it possible for a home pregnancy test to detect pregnancy before a blood pregnancy test?

no a blood pregnancy test can scan for lower levels of pregnancy hormones then a pregnancy test. a blood test can usually be taken after two weeks ovulatsion. depending on when you ovulated if you know i surgest if you wish to find out if your pregnant before your missed period that you use a pregnancy test whitch can detect the pregnancy hormones 6 days early. it will be best for you to take this test with the first pee in the morning.

Whats earliest doctor can detect pregnancy?

1 week after your missed period. A blood test can detect the HCG levels in your blood then

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