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usually when you get pregnant, it is the 14th day after the 1st day of your period. my mom always told me not to have sex between the 11th & 17th day after the first day of your period. Sperm lives for 72 hours and the egg is usually dropped the 14th day. so any of those days could be the conception date.

While this answer is very good sperm actually can live in the female body for up to 7 days just a little extra info... !!!

To answer the question as asked, NO an ultrasound scan cannot tell you the exact day you got pregnant, it is only accurate to within about 4 days if done at six weeks. The further on the pregnancy is the less accurate it becomes.

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Q: Can the exact date of conception be told by a dating scan?
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Can you work out a conception date from scan dates?

I think so. I think if you use the first scan gestational age and minus two weeks that gives the approximate conception date giving a few days either side.

You had a period on 08.06.06 and the early scan date said you were 10weeks and 5 days on the 25th August is this a conception date or lmp?

LMP. Conception date would have been about 2 weeks later.

If you are 11 weeks pregnant how do you determine the conception date?

Conception date is based on your last ovulation cycle prior to when you didn't get your period. But this can be incorrect if you didn't conceive when you was ovulating. Alternatively you can have a ultrasound scan which will give you a conception date but this can be off by 5 days.

Can a dating scan for pregnancy be as much as a week off when done before 10 weeks?

Yes it can be sometimes when your around 6-7 weeks into your pregnancy. At 10 weeks, based on the size of the foetus and conception date a pretty accurate date can be arrived at. Yes it can if you have a long cycle. My date from my period was 23rd September but I had a 36 day cycle and my scan date was 4th October.

Is the EDD given to you on your scan date from your LMP or by the date of conception?

EDD is ESTIMATED. If done by scan is 38 weeks from conception. An EDD is based on the LMP (last menstrual period) and not the date of conception. The ultrasound measurements are comparing the baby to the expected size of other babies at the same gestational age. The earlier the ultrasound is done in the pregnancy, the more accurate it will be. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

Can you count back the weeks of your pregnancy from a dating scan to see when you may have conceived if your LMP is unknown?

I just had a child and I had no idea when my last MP was or when around he was conceived, but if you know already how old around the fetus is, then you can get somewhat of an idea, but it won't be exact. Yes. If you count back two weeks less than the length of your pregnancy, that is approximately when you conceived. For example if your dating scan says you are 10 weeks pregnant, counting back 8 weeks will give you your approximate date of conception.

What is a fetus's gestation age and due date when the LMP is unknown and can you count back the weeks at a dating scan to see when possible conception occured?

When you have a dating scan the scanner compares the size of the fetus with the size of fetuses of known gestation. The gestational age assumes that the mother has a regular 28 day cycle and got pregnant 14 days before a period. the gestational age is calculated from this notional LMP. This is accurate in about 85% of cases. If you don't know your LMP and have been given an EDD/gestational age you need to take off 2 weeks to find an estimated date of conception. this website will help you.

Is the scan date from your last period or when you conceived?

The scan date is from your last period.

You had a scan done at the hospital and the sono said you were 6 weeks pregnant but then you went to your doc and he said you were 4-5 weeks y would this be?

Doctors are scientists, not psychics. Your doctor was making his best guess with what information he had. Chances are the scan provided more detailed information and is more correct. The exact date of conception is nearly impossible to figure out unless the woman can say with certainty.

What is the exact meaning of scanning?

of Scan

If an ultrasound at 14 weeks showed your due date as Oct 2 and an ultrasound at 20 weeks showed the same but a 28-week scan gave a Sept 23 due date could you have conceived before Dec 12?

Absolutely not. The later in pregnancy the less accurate the scan. The first two giving a due date of October 2nd will be correct and give you a conception date of around January 9th.

When will you have your first scan?

you will usually have your first scan between 10-14 weeks, this is refered to has your dating scan, and you should be told how far in pregnancy you are

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