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Yes. They have every right to protect their child until that child turns 18. The boyfriend has no business fooling around with a minor, he can go to jail for statitory rape. The child should end this relationship immediately.

2006-07-25 19:44:37
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Q: Can the parents of a 16-year-old place a restraining order against her 25-year-old boyfriend?
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Can a dad get a restraining order against his daughters boyfriend He's trying to get back at her for moving to my moms. Her boyfriend has done NOTHING wrong...?

Techically he can't get a restraining order against the boyfriend because it would probably be against the law.

Can a parent file a restraining order against their child's boyfriend?


Can you fill a restraining order against your sisters boyfriend for her in ca?

it depends on what the reason is.

How do I get a restraining order on my ex boyfriend in riverside CA?

You will need to contact the police or the courts to get restraining order against an ex in Riverside, CA.

Is there any way that you can stop your mom from putting a restraining order on your boyfriend if you are a minor if not can the father stop her from getting the restraining order on the boyfriend?

just provide good evidence in court of why he doesnt need it, both you and your dad and the boys family can contest against the restraining order and your mum will be outnumbered :)

Can a 15 year old get a restraining order against their 16 year old boyfriend who abuses them?

Why have someone who abuses you for a boyfriend ? Obviously dump him. Yes if he comes near you and abuses you, you can apply for a restraining order. Ask your parents to help you do this.

If you live in the state of Texas and are seventeen years old and have a boyfriend but parents have restraining order against him is it still legal to live with him?

your parents have the restraining order against him so you can still live with him as long as he stays away from your parents.

Can the parents of a 16 yr old place a restraining order against her 16 yr old boyfriend?

yes they can

Is it a crime for a wife and her boyfriend attempt to set her husband up for following her to a hotel since he already has a restraining order on him?

Yes, it is a crime for a wife to set her husband up to follow her to a hotel. If she has a restraining order against him, her and her boyfriend could get in trouble for this as well.

Can an underage girlfriends father put up a restrainment orders against her underage boyfriend against her will?

Yes. She is a minor and he can get a restraining order. go kick his azz

Can you and your boyfriend get married if theres a restraining order?

Answer Uh...why on earth would two people want to marry each other if a restraining order is in place against one of you??? Not a good idea at all.

Can your dad file a restraining order against your boyfriend for no reason only because he doesn't want you to talk to him?

Yes, it is POSSIBLE, but he would have to have sufficient grounds to convince the judge that a restraining order was justified.

What are the terms for a restraining order against your daughters 16 year old boyfriend in NC?

you shouldn't have a restraining order on her boyfriend unless she is 13 and under because she will probably do things behind your back but yeah that's about it.... don't be the worst dad/mom on the block...

If Im 16 and your boyfriend is 20 can your stepfather put a restraining order against your boyfriend if he didnt harm you in any way?

No he cannot, he isn't your biological father and your boyfriend hasn't done anything wrong

How do you deal with your girlfriends crazy ex boyfriend?

Be sure your girlfriend is not keeping in touch with her ex boyfriend first. If she is not then she needs to report him to the police and have her parents put a Restraining Order against him.

How can i kick out my boyfriend out of my apt ive been told i have to file for an eviction even though hes not on my lease?

get a restraining order against him..

What is a sentence for restraining?

I have a restraining order against him.Why are the police restraining him?

Can your parents put a restraining order against your boyfriend?

You need a legal cause to obtain a restraining order. If the boy has been violent or threatened violence, or if it is a case where you are underage and he is an adult, so sex would be rape, that would give them cause to obtain a restraining order. They cannot simply take out a restraining order without cause.

How do you file a restraining order against your daughter and her boyfriend She does not live at home is a compulsive thief and the boyfriend is making threatening phone calls and text messages to?

Contact your police department either in person or using the local non-emergency number. Explain the situation and ask to file a restraining order.

Can a parent get a restraining order for her 14 year old daughter against her 17 year old boyfriend?

Depends on the state, since he's not 18.

Can a indefinite restraining order be changed the answer is Yes but only by the victim of the crime.?

my boyfriend has an restraining order against me is there anyway he could dismiss it we have no contact whatsoever right now but i was hoping he wouldn't go through with it what could i do anything now.

What is a restraining notice?

A restraining notice is an order of protection. If you have a restraining order against someone then they can't be within a certain feet of your.

If you are 16 years old can your mother get a restraining order against your 18 year old boyfriend if he hasn't sexually abused you or done anything wrong and the 16 year old agrees with the boyfriend?


How can I get a restraining order against her?

restraining orders must be done through the court system

What If a parent wants to get a restraining order on their daughter's boyfriend but the daughter refuses to get one is it possible for the parents to still get one?

If your daughter is no longer a minor then there is absolutely nothing you can do except cross your fingers, pray and hope she sees the light. If she is a minor then yes, you have the right to get a restraining order against this boyfriend as long as she is living at home.