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Q: Can the presence of organic matter such as saliva and pus interfere with the actions of disinfectants?
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The word organic signals the presence of what molecule?


Is the breakdown of organic matter in the presence of oxygen mineralization?

It is Respiration

What is an iki test?

It tests for the presence of starches in an organic compound..

Organic compounds break down spontaneously in the presence of?


Why is it more difficult to test for the presence of chloride in organic compounds than in inorganic compounds like HCl?

Why is it difficult to test the presence of chloride in organic compounds than in inorganic ones like hydrochloric acid?

Is C10H16N2O3S organic or inorganic?

Organic...Notice the presence of the C atoms

What is a feature of organic compounds not found in inorganic compounds is the presence of what?


Variations in the properties of different organic molecules are most closely associated with?

Different FUNCTIONAL Grouops. Here is a list of some functional groups . C-C ; Alkane C=C ; Alkene C///C ; Alkyne (NB '///' represents a triple bond). -CH2OH [ Alcohol -CH2X ; Any halogen -CHO ; Aldehyde -COOH ; Carboxylic Acid -C(=O)C- ; Ketone -C-O-C- - ; Ether -CH2NH2 ; Amine -C(=O)NH2 ; Amide This list is NOT exhaustive. There are many more functional groups. NB 1; Note how the formula letters are arranged. This is the international IUPAC standard, for recognising functional grouops in a formula. 2; Be careful with the spelling, particularly AlkAnes, AlkEnes and AlkYnes. Only one letter difference for each functional group.,

Why is it more difficult to test for the presence of chlorine in organic compounds than in inorganic compounds?

because chlorine is not organic compound it is an in organic compound and organic compound dissolves only in organic compound so therefore it is too difficult

What is the process Derives energy from organic moleculs in the presence of oxygen?

Cellular respiration

Would organic compounds essential for life be able to assemble in the presence of hydrogen?


What influences the rate of plant growth?

presence of decomposed organic materialpH of the soilpresence of minerals