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Q: Can the queen fire the prime minister of belize?
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Can the prime minister fire anyone in parliament?

Fire them from what? He can fire them from an appointed post - like a ministerial position. He cannot fire them from parliament as the electorate put MP's in parliament, not the prime minister.

Can President fire Prime Minister in France?


Who appoints the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom?

The public votes for their Prime Minister. But the monarch (the king or queen) appoints them after the public vote.The monarch also has the power to fire a Prime Minister or even dissolve the Parliament and rule the country through absolute monarchy (but that is unlikely to happen as it's easier to have politicians running things for you).

Can the monarch remove the prime minister?

Answer:In a constitutional monarchy ther terms of electing a prime minister (or similar office) may require the monarch's acceptance of the candidate. Similarly the terms may indicate that the prime minister serves "at the pleasure of the monarch", meaning the monarch can effectively fire him. In Canada, for instance, the Queen's representative the governor general must accept the new Prime Minister before he can accept the office. The governor General can also appoint a new P.M. if the present holder of the office looses the confidence of the House of Parliament. This is effectively removing the prime minister. Some countries do not have a monarch, so obviously prime ministers in any of those countries cannot be removed by the monarch.

How are cabinet ministers?

In most forms of government, particularly in a parliamentary form of government, the head of government (e.g., the prime minister or premier) has the sole right to "hire-and-fire" cabinet ministers.

Was the queen in the great fire of London?

If you mean Queen Elizibeth then no because the great fire of london was in 1666

Is Australia a democracy countries?

Yes, Australia is a democracy. Technically, we have a monarch which is the Queen of England, but she isn't very active in Australia and pretty much lets us do what we like, but assigns someone to watch over us, called the Attorney General. Even then, that person's job is mostly to ensure that our Prime Minister doesn't do anything bad and fire them if they do.

Was jet fire a prime?

no but people think he is a prime

Who is the panther fire truck sentinel prime or ultra magnus?

the panther fire truck is sentinel prime

What did the british do to fort duquene?

The British and Americans rebuilt Fort Duquesne and named it Fort Pitt after the British prime minister William Pitt.

Does the queen have a fire alarm?

There is certainly more than one queen in the world, some of whom have fire alarms and some of whom do not.

When was Queen's Fire Service Medal created?

The Queen's Fire Service Medal was created in 1954, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It is awarded to members of the fire services in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries for exceptional service or bravery in the line of duty.