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canthe roots of a fruitless mulberry break through foundations and damage pipes

2009-06-26 00:11:55
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How hydrophobic plants survive?

They have roots.

Do grasses survive in grasslands because they have deep roots or shallow roots?


How does a plant survive dry roots?


What do cut flowers need to survive?

there roots.

How long do maple tree roots grow?

Twenty years

Will a maple tree survive if I cut one of its roots?


What are the special characteristics which help the trees to survive?


How can roots survive without sunlight?

Because of water

How does grass survive in low water?

it can survive by storing then using the water with either roots or leaves

Why does a seed need roots?

Seeds need roots because the soil sucks the water and the roots take it A seed does not need roots until it germinates and then as it has become a seedling it requires roots to survive.

Which plants have breathing roots?

The mangroves are the plants that have breathing roots to help them survive in water-logged areas. Such roots have specialized breathing cells.

How do the long roots of the marram grass help it to survive in very sandy places?

because it has such a long roots

How do lily pads survive in the water?

They survive on water with the help of their roots holding them there and getting the water for the plant.

How do flowers survive in the desert?

they have long roots that reach for water

How does seaweed survive in the ocean?

they have moisture in their roots that feeds them water

How does the ghost gum tree survive?

by drinking water from its roots

How do dandelions survive in winter?

it saves food in it's roots

How does the daisy flower having long roots help it to survive?

long roots probably help it get water from further underground.

What adaptations help desert plants survive?

deep roots prickles

What are two structures of a plant that help it survive on land?

Roots and stem

Do plants and animals survive after a drought?

plants survive by allowing their roots to go deep down to reach the water below

How can the root cells of a plant survive without having chloroplasts?

how can the roots cell of a plant survive without having chloroplast

Can humans eat twigs and roots?

People do not require either grains, meat or dairy products to live and can survive on roots and twigs. Of course not just any roots and twigs.

Why does a mulberry tree only grow fruit?

It also grows flowers ( before the fruit ). leaves, bark, wood, branches and roots. The fruit is how the tree reproduces.

How does the very long roots of the cactus plant enable the plant to survive in very dry conditions?

when the cactus is none of sun it can survive