Can the soul be removed

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no,soul cannot be removed but,when we are dead it is removed

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Q: Can the soul be removed
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Can arthritis be removed?

Joints affected by arthritis can be removed but arthritis as such can not be removed or cured.

How do you get to route 23 in soul silver?

There is no Route 23 in Soul Silver. They removed it in Generation IV.

Can you have your soul surgically removed?

The soul, should it exist, has no physical properties. It therefore would not be removable by surgical means.

Why wasn't the heart removed from a corpse?

because they thought the corpse would live in the afterlifeThe soul lived in the heart, so it was not removed.

Why wasent the heart removed from the corpse?

It was believed that the soul resided in the heart and that it was the source of wisdom.

How did Barty Crouch Jr die in Harry Potter?

Technically, he isn't dead. He was kissed by a dementor which removed his soul. He is still alive, but is worse than dead since he has no soul.

How do you get your soul back from the Soul Cairn in the Skyrim DLC Dawnguard?

You don't, I think you misunderstood. Serena removed a tiny portion of your soul so you'd be able to survive in the Soul Cairn. This has no effect on you normally, it just means that you can enter the Soul Cairn safely, though weakened rather than killed outright. There's no need to get the piece of soul back.

Why did ancient egyptians leave the heart in the bodies of the dead?

They believed that the heart contained the soul. The brain was removed as being of no consequence or value.

Can soul be separated from the human body without death?

Yes, the soul can be removed from the human body without death if you suffer the Dementor's Kiss. In this case, the soul is sucked out from the mouth and the person is still left alive, but in what Muggle doctors refer to as a vegetative state. It is unknown whether the soul would be able to reach the afterlife or, in the case of witches or wizards, come back as a ghost, though it is doubted, and widely believed the soul is destroyed.

What is the distinction between Advait and Dvait Philosophy in Hindu Religion?

Advait explains reality as non-dual, as soul is surrounded by Maya(illusion) which once removed, soul merges into God. Hence, soul=God. Dvait philosophy considers soul and God as distinct. Even when Maya is removed, soul gets Moksha (or Nirvana or goes to Swarg or heaven), and unites with god but retains individual identity. Advait philosopher Shankara describes soul with Maya gets separated from God, which is identical to Dvait philosophy. Both ask for soul purification and ask for the same methods-Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga to achieve the same. Basically, both philosophers describe the same things using different models and the practical application to devotees is the same.

How do you say soul of my soul in Irish?

Irish soul of my soul

When was Soul on Soul created?

Soul on Soul was created in 2000.

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