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He can unless he has already served two full terms. There was actually serious talk of getting Gerald Ford to run for VP with Reagan after he was President but he was not interested.

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Can a former president run as vicepresident?

only if he/she is still qualified to be President (has not yet been elected President twice)

Who are the president and vice president of Romania?

President: Traian Băsescu Romania has not a vicepresident.

Who becomes the president if the vicepresident and the president dies?

The Speaker of the House is next in line.

Which brach of the government has the offices of the president and vicepresident?

i dont know it

Does the vicepresident also live in the white house?

No. The Vice President lives in the Naval Observatory.

Who was the first vicepresident to become president when the previous office holder dide?

John Tyler.

What is the name of the vicepresident of the united state?

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr is the 47th and current vice president of the USA

Which amendment says the president and vicepresident can't live in the same state?

The 12th amendment. In the very first sentence.

Who is Zambia's former president?

President Kenneth Kaunda was the first and former president.

How do you address a former president?

To address a former president you do not say mr. president or anything having to do with president. <---- This is WRONG. You address any former president as Mr. President. That is a title they have as long as they are alive.

Did Andrew Johnson have a vicepresident?


How many times can someone be elected as the United States vicepresident?

There is no limit to the number of terms a person my serve as U. S. Vice President.

How is Cuba's government elected?

I think the former President will appoint the vice president I think the former President will appoint the vice president

What is an anagram for a granola nerd that is a former us president a former supreme court justice a former senator or a former British Prime Minister?

Former US President Ronald Reagan

What vice president is on American currency?

Thomas Jefferson ,who is on the 2-dollar bill, is a former vice-president ( as well as former president.)

What men pardoned a former president?

One man has done that. President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, the former President.

Who is Barack Obamas vicepresident?

Joe Biden

Who is Baracks chosen vicepresident?

Joe Biden

Who is the vicepresident US today?

Joseph Biden

What did former President Bill Clinton do laboratory community?

what did former president Bill Clinton do for community laboratory?

What president was a former union general?

Ulysses S. Grant was a former Union general who became president.

What is an ex-president?

An ex-president is a former president - a president who has left office.

What former president was a member of congress?

Andrew Johnson was the only former president to serve in the U.S. Senate; John Quincy Adams was the only former president to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Can a former US president run for office of VP of US?

Yes a former US President can run for office of Vice President of the United States. A former US President can run and be elected for any other type of office.

What are the Rights of an former president?

It is the same as the rights of an president

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