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don't try it, it's not worth it....... spend your time trying to get a degree that will net you the real watermark....

yes but verry hard.The US keep the secret of the technology how they make the money.if you find out the technology-the duplication itself is easy

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:57:46
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Q: Can the watermark on US currency be duplicated?
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When was the watermark introduced to the US bill?


Does a 1985 100 US dollar bill have a watermark?


What is a watermark and why is it used?

Watermark protects your photo's copyright by adding image watermark, text watermark.

How do you identify a fake currency note of India?

Hold it up to the light. There should be a Gandhi ji photo (watermark) on the blank area.

Can you watermark so that when downloaded then the watermark shows in the file?

I simply wish to not really have a visible watermark, but rather a watermark that covers the photo with my name and web sight.

How to remove unwanted items from a photo?

You can use Bitwar Watermark Expert to do the trick. It provides several features like photo watermark, video watermark, video watermark remover, and photo watermark remover.

The currency of the US?

The currency of the United States is the US Dollar

Is Brazil's currency the same as the us currency?

NoThe currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real.The currency of the USA is the US dollar.Most countries in the world have their own currency.

Can you put a watermark on Microsoft Power Point Presentations?

No, not as a watermark but there is a bypass. You have to have your watermark as a picture and then insert it into presentation as a background picture.

Does the US Have a fiat currency?

Yes, the US Dollar is a fiat currency

How is it different from US currency from antarctica?

Antarctica has no national currency, while the US currency is broadly recognized as a currency benchmark for work economics.

Why is a watermark a good security feature?

when you try to scan a watermarked paper or dollar, the watermark will not copy, causing the copied version not to have the watermark. No watermark, not the original... sounds like a good security feature to me!

What currency is being used in the US?

The official currency of the United States is the US dollar.The international currency code is USD.

When was Watermark Inc. created?

Watermark Inc. was created in 1969.

When adding a watermark to a document the watermark will appear?

It will appear to be behind the text.

What is text or pictures that appear behind document text?


Is there a watermark in the 20 dollar US bill?

Yes, but only on modern bills. When looking at the front side of the bill, the watermark is to the right, visible when held to light. It shows President Jackson's portrait.

What is the motto written on all US Currency?

"In God we trust" is on US Currency.

Where can l exchange Budapest currency for us currency?

You can exchange Budapest currency for US currency at most banks that exchange foreign currency. You can also make this exchange at places like currency kiosks at international airports.

How do you tell 1950 100 dollar bill is counterfeit?

Verifying if a 1950 one hundred dollar is counterfeit can be done in a number of ways. Initially check for a thread pattern in the paper. US currency has paper with a rag content including visible threads. then check for a watermark. A watermark cannot be xeroxed properly. Finally, the disclosure pen found at retail stores can check the chemical content of the paper to verify authenticity.

What is unit of currency in the US today?

the currency is the dollar

Where can you trade your pesos for US currency?

At a currency exchange

What is the currency of china and US of America?

what is the currency of china

What is 49.50 UK currency in US currency?


What currency is used in the US?

The basic currency used in the United States is the US dollar.