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Can they repossess the vehicle if the owner is sitting in it?

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2015-07-15 21:44:30
2015-07-15 21:44:30

No, they can not touch the car while anyone is in it, that would be kidnapping. But be careful they might call the police and if you live where the police are corrupted and they are so called, bad cops, then you will get arrested.

NO, Just drive away. If the police are called, they cannot force you to surrender the vehicle since it is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. It will turn into a criminal matter if a court order has been issued to the Sheriff's Dept. and then you have to surrender the vehicle. Don't defy a court order. Without that order, no one can force you to give the car up. The police are only there to keep the peace, and do not get involved in civil matters. They will tell you to contact an attorney, tell the tow guy to leave and that's that.

NO they cannot repo the vehicle with you in it

I live in California and when the repo people came to my house I was in my vehicle in my garage and the repo people jumped in front of my car and called 911. 5 cops showed up and I was arrested for trying to commit bodily harm to someone with a deadly weapon. It was a setup. I never did anything but tell them to get off my property. So be careful. Cops are ruthless.

Yes they can. In California once the car is hooked by the towtruck it is the property of the repo man. If you then jump in the car he can call the police and have you removed.

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Yes you can repossess if you are the soul owner. If the person whom your repossessing the car from gives you trouble, have the police meet you to witness the repossession.

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No. The lienholder is the rightful owner of the vehicle, and can reclaim their property as needed.

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LEGALLY, you can't repossess anything from the owner. Once that person signed the title, its half theirs. you will have to take him/her to court with probable cause, or convince them to sign away ownership. Good luck

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Yes. The lienholder is the rightful, legal owner of the vehicle, and can take possession of that vehicle anywhere.

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