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You clearly weren't thinking when you made this question.

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Q: Can thinking be taught in classroom in what ways explain your answer?
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What did the philosopher do in ancient Greece?

He investigated ways of thinking and natural science, and taught them to others.

How do you explain what is the economic way of thinking?

thinking about how to spend money wisely and ways to help save money.

What are some ways to decorate a classroom?

Some ways to decorate a classroom would be to put posters up on the walls and have toys hanging from the ceilings. There are many ways to decorate a classroom.

Which of the ways is the fastest way to get a book back of the classroom?

by throwing

What are some ways templates for classroom newsletter can be found?

One of the ways to find the templates for classroom newsletter is by going to Teachers Pay Teachers. There, one can have free newsletter templates which can be edited.

What are some ways to integrate meaninfully another content area?

The health concepts of weight management might be taught in the gymnasium (using fun activities to burn calories) and in the classroom (keeping a log of foods eaten each day of the month).

In how many ways can a teacher arrange five students in classroom of 20?

There are 1860480 ways.

What is complex thinking?

Thinking through lots of ways to solve a puzzle

Why all ways thinking about girls?

Why not?

How would a teacher apply kholbergs theory in the classroom?

There are many ways in which a teacher could apply Kohlberg's theory in the classroom. They could have the students do certain activities.

How was Francis bacon's process of basing discovery on observation and experimention different from medieval ways of thinking?

Medieval ways of thinking were based on traditional

How is scientific reason different from other ways of thinking?

Scientific reasoning is more disciplined and more logical than other ways of thinking.