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Can two felons live in the same residence?


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No, it is illegal for two convicted felons to reside in the same place. They are not even supposed to spend time together outside of the home. If convicted felon #1 got pulled over for something felon#2 could go to jail for guilt by association. The only "loop hole" I know of is if two or more convicted felons were in a vehicle together and had some type of Alchoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous material such as books, pamphlets, journals etc, they would be OK obviously as long as they weren't doing anything illegal! The drug/alcohol recovery material is their reasoning as to why they are together.

Another answer:

If the terms of either's probation or parole prohibit contact with other convicted felons, no.

Another thought:

As to the first answer, that won't hold up because anyone could throw AA books in their car and claim they're going to a meeting. No way will a judge let that go. but I don't know the rules about association. However, convicted felons may live together if they are married and the terms and conditions of parole/probation allow for it. It all comes down to that. I suspect that even if two felons are married, if the judge says no, he can enforce it. If they are not married but terms and conditions as set down by judge/parole/probation agent allow a specific couple to reside together, it would only apply to those specific people. The only thing that can be done is to be completely open and honest with judge/PO and find out what is allowed and what isn't as per each individuals terms and conditions.


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