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Yes 2 tamagotchi v4 can mate, when adult.


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On your v3, go to the connection icon. Do the same on your v4. On the v3, select "others" on your v4, select "others". the two tamagotchis will connect. when this is repeated, the tamagotchis grow bonds with eachother and if theyre opposite genders and theyre adults, they will get married!

It works the same as the other tamagotchis.

improved: yes all sorts of ways will leave you with to married tamagotchis (vs and v4)

7 OF THEM v1 v2 v3 v4 v4.5 v5 v6

You can't. The only time you can get multiples on tamagotchis is when you get a v5, whereas you get 3.

if it is a v4 when it is 6 or over make da time 6:59 wate 1 min and da match maker will come .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or just conect with a diffrent gender for a long time

yes, im binary from tamatalk tamatalk has alot of hin ts

You have to go to connect button on the v4 select other and on the v3 select v1.

(Make sure the two tamagotchis you want to mate are female and male!!) The longest way is to connect the two lots each day (from birth) the two will start to become friends and hopefully when the two are adults they will connect and have babies. In the friends list the status means: one face= Just met Two faces= sortof friends Three faces= good friends Four faces= BEST friends If hearts start to appear this mean the tamas are starting to like each other. And when four hearts appear the tamas are in love. Both tamagotchis need to be adults before they can have babies. The quickest way is to wait till both tamagotchis are adults and type in the love potion code on one of them (CCBA AABB), drink it then connect with the tamagotchi you are trying to mate it with. They should fall in love and have babies. I tested both of these ways with my tamagotchis (V3&V4) and I was sucessfull both times. Sorry if I'm too hard to understand! Lol! Hope I helped

First find a friend/person with a tamagotchi v4. then you must go on the fifth icon and click VER.4 and choose one of the options. Game: you play a random game. Visit: you go to chosen person/friends tamagotchis house to visit. Then there is Present: You choose one of the wraped presents and you give it to the chosen friend. then your friend must do the same and you connect your two tamagotchis by the red bit at the top. (infra-red connection) Then the chosen activity will happen on the tamagotchis! (points will be awarded to the winner of games)

Phone your local toy store and ask if they have any! e.g. Toys R Us, Zellers, or anywhere that sells toys.

go to the connection thingo top right corner. and go to others. you have to do the same with the other tamagotchi. i know you can do it with v3 coz i do it.u can't! end of conversation!

There are two codes for V4 and V4.5 Tamagotchis that work on any toy, no matter what your user name is. However, you can only use these once, so don't trash or give away these items! :( Playhouse: 40690 89391 Slide: 52815 99088 Use these passwords in the password shop of the Games section in your V4 toy. These items are for free. Enjoy!

Hey! V3 tamas cant get jobs! Getting jobs are on v4 tamagotchis!=] Hope I helped!!.-o-Missrandomc-o-. =]

How old are they in human years? If you have had them for more then 24 months, their infra-red signal can get broken, which can effect the connection level.

I have a login! you can use it if you want because not everyone has a v4 tamagotchi these days (i sound like im old!):USER: SARAHLOGIN (LINE 1): F4EC430LOGIN (LINE 2): 31CE2C9THIS IS A LOGIN FOR MY YOUNG MAMETCHI. ENJOY!

So sorry, but not all versions of tamagotchi can connect with one another. All tamagotchis if the same version can connect, plus a v5 can also connect with a v5.5 and a FamiTama, or the Japanese version of the v5. I don't really know about the v4 and v4.5, so you'll have to check that out yourself!!

you cant. you wait for the matchmaker. she assigns you a mate, where you have a baby later. sometimes if you've made friends with other tamagotchis, theyre your mate....... sorry! ♥ ♥

You can't because of 3 characters, it cannot connect with versons 4.5 and less-they only have 1 character to care for. You can only connect with V5

no. unless you mate with oppisite gender oldie then you'll get this special tamagotchi

When you're an Adult, set the time to 6:00pm and the match maker will appear!

I don't have a v4, but I'm pretty sure this is accurate: In order to get a v4 married, when your tama is an adult, then the matchmaker will randomly appear and offer the tama a mate. I strongly advise you to take that mate unless you are very lucky because it might be a long time before the matchmaker appears and makes an offer again. Hope I have helped, rate and recommend!! P.S. My v5s just rang so bye!!

One person goes over to the heart on the main screen and choose it with the (B) button. Select whichever version the other person's is (for example if yours is a V4.5 and your friends is a V4 hit the "V4" link, if your friends is a V3 hit the "OTHERS" link, etc.). Hold the Tamagotchis with the fronts facing each other and have one person press the (B) button. It will say either "SUCCESS" or "FAIL" or something like that. If a success, proceed with sending gifts or playing games or visiting each other. If a fail, make sure that the two Tamagotchis are compatible with each other and try again. If after a lot of tries, if you know that the two Tamagotchis are compatible for sure, then check the batteries on both of them and keep trying. P.S. V1s can only connect to V1s and V5s and V6s can only connect to V5s and V6s. V2, V3, V4, and V4.5 can all connect to each other. P.P.S. Only Tamagotchi Connections can connect at all (hence the name "Tamagotchi Connection"). P.P.P.S. Good luck!

Tamagotchis were first made in Japan in 1996. Tamagotchis are little virtual pets you take care of, feed, and play mini games. On later versions you can get codes and items and go on True Tamagotchis have been out for a long time... there is V3 the first online tamagotchi, then V4, V4.5(Rare), v5, V5.5, music star(v6), world tour(6.5), and tamatown tama-go. There are many applications on this game, there is the info(age weight hungry happy skills dicipline etc.) , games, shop, food, mail, light, time, connect, and prizes. This you all can acess at

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