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"Can you have a paternity test while you are pregnant?"

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Q: Can u do a paternity test while you are pregnant?
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Can u have a paternity test while your still pregnant?


How long can you wait to do a paternity test on a new born baby?

u can have a test anytime.

How do you make a pregnancy test positive if your not pregnant?

you can not make a test positive if u are not pregnant unless u get someone who is pregnant to take it for you

Can you be pregnant but the home test says no?

yes u can....

What are the risks of have a paternity test done while pregnant?

there are two types of paternity tests that can be performed while pregnant. usually u have to wait until you are at least five months doctors dont recommend taking this type of test if you just want to know who the father is. it is used to detect if the unborn baby has a medical defect that possibly runs on either side of the family because the test can cause u to have a miscarriage. the doctor injects a needle in u and withdraws some liquid from the womb there is another exam similar but i dont recall the procedure. but it is better to wait until the baby is born instead of taking a chance of harming the baby or losing your unborn child. google it and you can get more accurate and correct information or ask a ob/gyn. good luck.

Can marijuana affect paternity test?

yaa if u smoke 2 much dope u might forget where u put it and therfore it has been affected

Can you cramp and have light bleeding while pregnant?

Can u cramp and have a light bleeding while pregnant?

What is the best pregnancy test to get?

one that tells u if your pregnant

is there any place where u can get a paternity test in san diego, ca for free. we are on medi-cal and have no money to pay for one?

I am not aware of a free paternity test, but DNA Peoplescreen is in San Diego and can be reached at (619) 758-7777.

How can a woman get away with accusing someone of being the father and that person did not even know they were having a baby and now u have a letter from child support to pay with no paternity test.?

She can get away with it until you go to court and file a motion for a court ordered paternity test. If the test disproves your paternity, you can file a motion to cease child support based on that.

Can you eat jalapenos while pregnant?

no u can't

Can you get pregnant while one your period?

Yes u can

Can you eat ice while pregnant?

Yes u can

When should u take an in home pregnancy test?

when you think you are pregnant

Best way to tell if pregnant?

Take a test if u are not sure

Is every pragnancy test true?

no not unless u really are pregnant

Exercising while pregnant?

is still good for u , but not to exercise more than u used to do before getting pregnant

Can you be pregnant if you missed your period by 1 week?

When u missed you period by one week,ls not you are pregnant!but ahead more,you should go for pregnant test ,when u will now lf you are pregnant.

How long do you have to wait to take pregnant test?

there is a test u can do a few days before ur period to check but if u cant get it u hav to wait till u r due n do the regular test

Can u still have a normal period while pregnant?

yes you can

Can you eat maraschino cherries while pregnant?

can u eat them or not

Can a routine blood test show if you are pregnant?

no it can not show,unless u request it

How do i know if im pregnant or not with out taking a test?

U dnt have ur period...

Why is my menstruation delayed?

u maybe pregnant!:) use a pregnancy test kit.

Can you do a test home if your a virgin or not?

Yes u can, but why would u take a home pregnancy test if ur a virgin and can't possibly b pregnant?