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If the group of forces acting on an object is unbalanced, the object's

motion always changes. The change is called "acceleration".

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Q: Can unbalanced force change an objects motion?
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Related questions

Can change an objects motion?

unbalanced force(:

What is needed to change an objects motion?

an unbalanced force

Force that causes a change in the objects motion?


Is it true that an unbalanced force will not change and objects motion?

yes every unbalanced force can change or "try to change (can be or cannot be)" the state of rest or motion

Does an unbalanced force change an objects motion?

There's no such thing as "an unbalanced force".If the entire group of two or more forces on an objectis unbalanced, then the object's motion changes.

An unbalanced force will not change an objects motion?

If the forces on an object are unbalanced then the objects motion will change. It will start accelerating in the direction of the resultant force. Only objects that have balanced forces will remain in the same motion (stationary or moving at a constant speed).

Objects in motion are the result of what force?

Objects in motion are the result of unbalanced forces.

What can cause an objects motion to change?

According to Issac Newton, an object's motion will change if it is acted upon by an unbalanced force.

How does an unbalanced and balance force affect an objects motion?

An Unbalanced force accelerates an object and a balanced force has no effect on an object.Balanced forces do not affect motion at all. An object with fully balanced forces does not change its velocity or start moving.Unbalanced forces (giving a resultant force) create acceleration or deceleration in a certain unbalanced force acting on an object will change the objects motion. a balanced force acting on an object will not change the objects motiontalinnn

Can a unbalanced force change an objects motion?

An unbalanced force can: change the speed an object moves at change the direction an object is moving cause an object to start/stop moving

What forces change an objects motion?

unbalanced gravity, friction, or an applied force

What happens to an objects motion if an unbalanced force acts on it?

it is an unequilibrium motion.

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