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Can walking 30 minutes a day lower blood pressure?

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Taking a brisk walk can help lower high blood pressure. It helps improve blood flow and can be a stress reliever when you add a 30 minute aerobic walk to your daily routine.

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What is the lower pressure in blood pressure?

Lower blood pressure means low blood flow and therefore, low blood force in the arteries.

What are some good foods that lower blood pressure?

In sun flower seeds the peptids lower blood pressure. Non-fat Yogurt may lower blood pressure. Bananas lower your blood pressure definitely. Potatoes, Spinach, Oats and Beets are good food to lower blood pressure.

What is another term for lower blood pressure reading?

"Lower" or diastolic blood pressure.

Will vinegar lower high blood pressure?

can vinegar lower high blood pressure?

Does ice water lower your blood pressure?

ice water lower your blood pressure

Does drinking diet Pepsi lower your blood pressure?

No. You lower blood pressure by proper diet and exercise. Some people take medication to lower their blood pressure.

How can you lower your blood pressure in 1 day?

Your blood pressure can be lowered by laying flat and prop your feet up on three to four pillows for thirty minutes to an hour.

Does blood loss lower blood pressure?

Yes. Blood loss does lower blood pressure. Since your blood pressure is the force of blood against your veins, capillaries, and arteries if you have a lower blood amount the force would decrease. Therefore, causing your blood pressure to lower. :D Hope this answers your question ~idle34pizzaz

Will drinking alcohol lower my blood pressure?

No, drinking alcohol will not lower your blood pressure. In fact drinking alcohol will increase your blood pressure.

What herbs are known to lower blood pressure?

Mint tea and camomile can lower the blood pressure.

Can cassical music lower blood pressure?

In a way it can, because if it relaxes you your blood pressure will lower.

How to lower blood pressure-?

To lower blood pressure, eat healthy, exercise, and avoid salt.

Does ADH lower blood pressure?

no higher the blood pressure

Do pickles lower blood pressure?

yes, pickles lower blood pressure. if you have high blood pressure consider eating pickles(in moderation!) if you have low blood pressure pickles will make it worse.

Does Viagra raise blood pressure?

Does viagra lower blood pressure

What can you take to lower high blood pressure?

Blood pressure medication

How is music good for your health?

it relives your stress and lower your blood pressure it relives your stress and lower your blood pressure

Can meditation be used as a technique to clear the mind and lower blood pressure?

yes. it will lower Pulse and blood pressure..

Will diazepam lower your blood pressure?

Yes and no. Diazepam will lower your blood pressure while it is in your system, but not significantly or anything. It isn't a drug that would ever be prescribed to lower blood pressure and is not effective in that regard.

Will painkillers paracetamol lower blood pressure?

no it will not,paracetamol has nothing to do with blood pressure.

What administered to lower the high blood pressure?

anything canhigher your blood pressure

How does one lower their blood pressure naturally?

One can lower their blood pressure naturally buy avoiding stress. One can also lower blood pressure naturally by eating fish, lots of vegetables and fruits.

Lower High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects millions of people around the world. Individuals with high blood pressure are usually advised by their doctors to improve their nutrition and make minor changes to their daily routine. However, many doctors also prescribe high blood pressure medications for lower blood pressure as well.Individuals Can Lower Blood Pressure by Eating Well and ExercisingIndividuals who suffer from high blood pressure can get on road to lower blood pressure by doing simple things such as watching their diet, losing weight and walking each day. By making these minor changes, many individuals experience lower blood pressure very quickly. However, this is not always the case.Healthy Individuals Can Have High Blood PressureMany patients who eat well, are not overweight and exercise suffer from high blood pressure as well. This is because many patients are genetically predisposed to high blood pressure because high blood pressure runs in their family. For patients who are genetically disposed to high blood pressure having a lean body, eating well and leading a healthy life does not always result in lower blood pressure. Individuals who are predisposed to high blood pressure rates often have to take medication for a lower blood pressure rate.Avoiding Foods High in Sodium Content Can Help Lower Blood Pressure ResultsMost individuals who have high blood pressure and want lower blood pressure results are always advised to stay away from high sodium content foods and salt. Foods that contain salt and have a high sodium content do not help lower blood pressure. This is because people who eat salt are known to retain more water in their body which always drives the blood pressure up.Individuals who would like lower blood pressure must take the steps to improve their health. Maintaining a low sodium diet is always recommended for people with high blood pressure. However, avoiding food high sodium content does not always lead to lower blood pressure. That is why individuals who have high blood pressure should always be under the care of a doctor who will prescribe blood pressure medication.

Can blood pressure medicine make your pressure go up?

If it is low blood pressure medicine then that is what it is supposed to do. If it is medicine for high blood pressure then it will lower your blood pressure.

What blood vessels have lower blood pressure?


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