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Washing clothes in vinegar will not get rid of potential worms, eggs, or puppy feces on clothing, unfortunately. It will only take the smell out. It may remove small stains.

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Q: Can washing clothes in vinegar kill any potential worms or eggs from puppy feces on clothing?
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How do you clean white clothing?

You can clean white clothing by sending it in for dry cleaning, by washing it in the machine with similar coloured clothes, soaking in distilled vinegar, dilluted with water before hand washing.

How do you get the smell of diesel from clothes?

Washing clothes in white vinegar and laudry detergent in the washing machine can remove odors from your clothes. Put the vinegar in as you would if you were adding bleach. Good luck with it.

What alcohol is used for washing clothing?

Alcohol is not used for clothes washing; soaps and detergents are.

What clothes make smooth after washing?

permanent press clothing

How do you get turpentine smell out your clothes?

You can get turpentine smell out your clothes in a couple of ways. The most common way is to soak the clothes in vinegar before washing them. Airing out clothes outside can also help with the smell both before and after washing.

Should you use bleach or vinegar to wash your clothes when your toddler has ringworm?

It isn't necessary. Ringworm is not a particularly tough fungus. Regular washing will kill the spores, although washing in hot water will help (If the clothing can tolerate it), and leaving the clothing to soak for ten to fifteen minutes after the tub initially fills will help as well.

How do you remove red billiard chalk from clothing?

The chalk itself is removed with normal washing, but the red dye will require soaking in either vinegar or ammonia, and then washing. Ammonia will usually work, if not, use the vinegar soak.

When is clothing considered Laundry?

Any clothes that need washing, especially underclothes. I will go and do the laundry - means wash all the clothes. Is that OK?

How do you clean a washing machine filter?

When a washing machine filter is dirty it can cause clothes to smell dirty. The clean a filter, a person can use vinegar, or baking soda, or even cleaning products specified to a washing machine.

How is centrifuging used in daily life?

The washing machine uses it, to separate the water from the clothes.

Outline potential risks of infection within the workplace?

not washing hands or wearing protective clothing like gloves and aprons

How do you get hairspray out of hair without washing it?

Vinegar, lots of vinegar

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