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If the jar is not completely full of water, and the air inside is not completely saturated, then yes, a little bit can.

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Q: Can water evaporate in a sealed jar?
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Why does a liquid not evaporate if you store it in a sealed jar?

It has nowhere to evaporate to. Evaporation is dispersion of molecules.

Will water evaporate from a container?

It depends what it is covered with. If it is covered with a cloth then, as the cloth is porous, the water will evaporate. If however you cover the bowl with something that seals the top (makes it air tight), it will not evaporate.

If a jar has its lid on with water and salt in the jar does it evaporate?


Why do you not have to add water to a sealed terrarium?

Being sealed, no water can evaporate, and it all stays inside.

How much salt is in one small jar of water?

let the water evaporate and measure the salt that is left in the jar

What will water evaporate more quickly in a closed container or a sealed pipe?

From a sealed container or pipe water cannot be evaporated.

How can you change the states of water?

boil it, freeze it or leave it in a jar to evaporate

Why does the water in a sealed syringe evaporate when put in hot water?

Heating favors evaporation.

Is a tightly-sealed jar of colored water and oil A mixture?

Is it a mixture

Will water evaporate in a closed container like a closed pipe?

Water can be evaporated from a sealed container.

What happens when you put ice cold water into a sealed jar?

The jar can not handle the temperature and compression so it cracks.

How long does it take for bottled water to evaporate?

In a very sealed non -porous container water is not evaporated.