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Can we take tours inside the Wonka factory?

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Where does Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory take place?

in Lynn

Where did Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory take place?

Willy Wonka's chocolate factory is somewhere in England.

What season did the story of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory take place?


In what city does Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory take place?

Toronto, Ontario

Why did charlie take grandpa Joe to the factory?

Because grandpa Joe used to work at the factory and wanted to see Willy Wonka again.

What is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory about?

Charlie Bucket finds one of five golden tickets that allow lucky candy buyers to have a tour of the fabulous Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. He and 4 other kids, and their parents, take the guided tour by Wonka.

What is solution to charlie and the chocolate factory book?

Charlie wins the factory. Willie Wonka wanted someone to take over the factory and care for the Ompa Loompas. The rest of Charlie's family come to live at the factory.

What happens if you choose to take the keys instead of saving Charlie on Charlie and a chocolate factory?

Insted of saving charlie, you take the keys and do not get the factory because wonka thinks you are selfish so you get sent to the salt mines :(

Where does Willy Wonka take place?

Willy Wonka takes place in England.

Where can one take a tour of a cheese factory?

Wisconsin is a famous state for cheese and a great place to take cheese tours. There are cheese factories that offer tours all over the state. One place to see the multitude of options is at wisconsinonline.

Do the f50i soccer cleats have grip?

Because they take them to a factory and rebuild their inside. and they do have grip

What year does Willy Wonka take place?


Has someone found the golden ticket?

Four have been found, only one left! Keep buying Wonka bars, and maybe you can take a tour around the world's most secretive sweet factory!

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Can you take tours of the victorious studio?


Can you take the heli tours in gta 4?

Yes you can take the heli-tours. But you have to hold down Y / Triangle like entering a cab, or else you will just steal the helicopter. If you take all 4 heli-tours you get an acheivment.

What is the main idea of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

SO the whole story is there is a man WILLY WONKA who owns the world most known chocolate factory but he has kept his factory closed, no one goes in and no one out. Then Mr. Wonka decides to open the chocolate factory for five kids and one of their gaurdians because [little do they know] he wants to pass on the factory because of him getting old and wanting to give it away. He wants to find one kid who will really take care of ti and he sets them up with a "slugworth" character who he makes seem is trying to steal willy wonkas ideas for candies and etc. There is one child Mike TV, who mostly only watches tv, Augustus gallop, a fat child who eats a mass amount of choclate bars, violet bulragard, who chews a massive amount of gum and holds a record for gum choosing and one bratty girl who gets everything she wants. and of course the most important character set aside from wonka is charlie, a poor young boy, who is "just lucky to be there" < line from the remake. All of the children do things that get them lost somewhere in the factory or ending up in unfortunate situations ending their travels with mr wonka. Charlie makes it to the end and is excited about winning when mr wonka has a turn of heart and tells charlie he wins nothing until charlie returns the candy when wonka realizes hes passed the test and can be trusted with the factory. the story is all abouta poor boy who gets the chance of a lifetime

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Pearl Harbor tours take place in several locations.The USS Arizona has tours from 8am-1pm and the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center is open from 7am-4:30pm.

What year does the movie Willie Wonka take place?

Supposedly in the early 1970's.

What can you do in independence hall?

Take tours and see the who building

What song contains World of your imagination?

Just on the off-chance you may be referring to "Pure Imagination" a song from the 1971 movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"Come with meAnd you'll beIn a world ofPure imaginationTake a lookAnd you'll seeInto your imagination"

What company could one contact to take tours of Miami condos?

There is a company called Miami Condo Tours that can bring you on tours of Miami Condos. East Coast Corporate Housing can also bring you on tours of available Miami condos for rent.

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they have been on 4 tours Up All Night, Take Me Home, Where We Are, and On The Road Again

Can you tour the Saris Candy factory in Canonburg PA?

Yes, you can tour Sarris's Candy factory. If you want, you may call ahead, at (724) 225-7771.Update! I JUST called on 6/22/2010 and I was informed that they do not offer tours. What a bummer, I wanted to take the kiddos to see it being made!!

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