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This category includes questions about the different softball leagues and information about how to play the game.

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How many ways can a batter reach first base?

1. Hit 2. Walk 3. Hit by Pitch 4. Fielder's Choice 5. Reached on Error (includes MLB Official Rule 7.05 i) 6. Dropped Third Strike 7. Catcher's Interference (hindering the batter while in the batter's box) 8. Fielder's Obstruction (hindering the batter while he is running to first base) 9. Going in as a Pinch Runner (most often in the late innings) 10. Overturned Out Call 11. Balk (Made by Pitcher) Some other suggestions: Runner's Interference (batted ball hits a runner in fair territory. The runner is out, and the batter...
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Who covers second base when the ball is hit to the third baseman?

On a ground ball, that would be the second baseman as he/she is running towards the throw from third, as opposed to the shortstop who would be running away from the throw, and would be in a better position to make a quick pivot and throw to first to complete a double play than would the shortstop. CLARIFICATION: "Who covers what base" depends on these factors: -- where the ball is hit -- how it is hit (line drive, ground ball, pop fly) --...
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What Are Some Softball Drills For 10 Year olds?

Well, it depends what she needs. you could stand with your right foot forward and just flick with her wrist to the catcher. For hips, turn sideways, bring your arm up to a 90 degree angle, and swing your arm and hips forward. For both, stand on the rubber like you were to pitch, and just don't do the arm circle. Hope this is what you were asking for! :) ...
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Can runners advance on a ball thrown out of play?

Yes. On the first throw by an infielder, all runners advance 2 bases from where they were at the time of the pitch. If the throw is a subsequent throw during an extended play or a throw by an outfielder, all runners advance 2 bases from the last base they legally held at the time of the throw. ...
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Why did softball started?

The first game of softball was invented around the 20th century. It was invented by professional American baseball players who wanted to keep practicing during off season. Canadian amateur players began to play a game outdoors, this became popular in Canada and got a foothold in the US. ...
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What are the differences between the rules of baseball and softball?

Differences Between Softball and Baseball The softball is usually about 12 inches in circumference, compared to 9 inches for a baseball The ball is pitched underhand in softball, overhand in baseball The bases are 60 feet apart in softball, 90 feet apart in baseball There are 7 innings in a softball game, 9 in a baseball game Softball starting players may re-enter the game after the first substitution (a second substitution is permanent, the starter may not re-enter). In baseball, a substitution of any kind...
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How long do softball games last?

-usually about an hour, depending on how good the playing teams are. if a good team run rules a bad team the game should be done fairly soon. (a half hour.) ...
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How do you correctly tag a player out in softball?

To tag a player out in softball, you can either tag them directly with the ball, or with the ball in your glove. It will not be called an out if you tag them with the glove with the ball in the other hand. When tagging a player, it is easier to straddle the bag, so you can easily get the tag down and make the out. You might want to look up videos on youtube for a visual example ...
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What is the run ahead rule in softball?

If you are talking about stealing, then you can only steal when the pitcher releases the ball otherwise you would be out. ...
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How far is it from the pitchers mound to home plate in baseball?

60 feet, 6 inches In high school, college, and professional baseball, from the back corner of the home plate to the front edge of the pitcher's plate (or rubber, if you prefer) is 60 feet 6 inches. The front of home plate, the 17 inch wide line that defines the strike zone, is 17 inches closer to the pitcher, 59 feet and 1 inch from the rubber. For 13-16 year olds it's 50 feet 4 inches, and in little league it's 45 feet For...
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How can team sports like softball build relationships among players?

All the team members play together and take care of each other.
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How is the softball softer than a baseball?

The softball is not softer than a baseball despite the name. The name is a misnomer so you can just ignore it. When you get hit by a softball it hurts just as much as a baseball does. If the two are coming at the same speed I'd rather get hit by a baseball. That big green thing is bigger and heavier. ...
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Does a strikeout count as a put out in softball?

A putout is a fielding statistic. In the case of a strikeout, the putout is credited to the catcher. ...
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What is the size of the pitching mound in softball?

The size of ball is 24" by 6". The circle of ball is 8' in radius with the center being 18" in front of the rubber. ...
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What are softball bats are made of?

Wood: Wood softball bats are very rare but are slowly regaining favor with softball enthusiasts who would rather hear a whack and not a ping when the bat meets ball. A wood softball bat is bottle-shaped and can weigh between 32-35 ounces (around 8 ounces heavier than an aluminum bat). Traditionally, wood bats have been made from ash. However, ash is light and soft and bats made from ash tend to splinter and dent fast. Wood from maple, oak, and bamboo is...
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What year did women start playing softball?

The first women's softball team was formed in 1895 at Chicago's West Division High School. They did not obtain a coach for competitive play until 1899. But in 1904, the Spalding Indoor Baseball Guide devoted a large section of the guide to the game of women's softball (presumably to reach a new demographic for its equipment) and the women's game began to grow. ...
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What gear do you need to play softball?

It depends on the position your playing. If your playing Pitcher then a glove and a mask, !st base a glove, 2nd a glove, short stop a glove maybe a mask as well, 3rd a glove and a mask if wanted, catcher a glove, helmet, chest pad, sheen guards, and what ever else you need. But when you go up to bat a helmet and bat! And don't leave out the team uniform!:) lol Of course all positions need sunscreen, sunglasses,...
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What are good softball quotes?

Softball is life with the volume turned up, how loud is your game, crank it up! -- Favorite t-shirt Softball is like love, first you learn the rules of the game, and then you forget the rules and play from your heart. --Anonymous It's a game of making great pitches at the right time, being opportunistic by getting a run at the right time and playing good defense. -- Mike Candrea, Former Coach of Team USA Two Outs, Bases Loaded, Tie Game, Bottom...
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Who makes the largest softball glove?

The biggest I have seen is the WORTH Mayhem "BFG" glove. It weighs in at 1.25 feet (15" for those of us who might need a calculator to work that out). Its a Big Freakin Glove and feels much larger than my Rawlings RSGXLDTB 14". It is the only softball glove I have seen listing its size on the actual glove in feet vs inches. Nice touch. Pretty inexpensive too. Good luck, Steve Fleming ...
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How popular is softball today?

Softball has always been popular. But it is improving up a little. Especially Robinson and Kennedy. They are the most popular with slow and fastpitch. You now can also get a collage degree! ...
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How big is a softball batters box?

7 feet long and 3 feet wide
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What was the fastest pitch ever thrown by a human?

105.1 mph by Aroldis Chapman of the Cincinnati Reds on September 24,2010.
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What team did Jennie Finch play for?

The USA professional team . She retired though.
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What is the definition of Strike vs Ball?

A ball is when the pitcher pitches a ball that cannot be hit. A strike is when a pitcher throws a good pitch, but the batter does't swing the bat or the first two fouls are both strikes, if they are side by side. After the batter gets 4 balls they are able to walk to 1st base. A strike is a pitch the batter offers at or apitch that enters the strike zone and is not offered at. A ball...
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Is softball aerobic or anaerobic?

Aerobic means with oxygen and anaerobic means without oxygen so no sport is anaerobic ...