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Can we use javascript in SQL stored procedure?

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Transact-SQL in an internationally standardised method to create, modify and delete databases and tables, as well as insert, retrieve, modify and delete data stored in a database. With Microsoft SQL Server 2005 you can also author procedures in any managed language such as C# or VB. This is because it is integrated with the CLR which allows you write powerful programs inside stored procedures. All functionality of the .NET Framework BCL (Base Class Library) is available to your stored procedures. This means that developers have access to thousands of pre-built classes and routines which can be accessed. The BCL includes classes that provide functionality for improved string functioning, advanced math operations, file access, cryptography, and more.

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Difference between a local procedure and stored procedure?

local procedure wont store in database. Stored procedure store in database permanently and we can use it whenever we require. Other program also can use this stored procedure. And the transaction of stored procedure take care by DBA. But the local procedure transaction is take care by manually only

What is sql database?

An SQL database is one that implements the use of Structured Query Language to manage data stored in the database. SQL is the most used way of communicating with databases.

Why we use sql?

we use SQL for database.. it is secure

How do you use SQL?

You use SQL by issuing commands to an SQL server, either directly by you or by a program you are using.

What is the best programming language for networking?

html css javascript php sql ruby apache. These are the languages required for networking. Ther is no best language as you have to use them simultaneously to build a website.

What is the programming language does enovia use?

It's JAVA based on the front end with Html and Javascript for the web interface. The backend can be either Oracle or SQL Server 2005/2008 -- with SQL Server 2008 being be better performance over Oracle on the same hardware and lower cost.

Can you use javascript in Mozilla?

Yes. In fact, you can use JavaScript in any web browser.

How do you create site password with JavaScript?

JavaScript is an exceptionally poor choice for password protection. By its very nature it runs on the user's computer, which means an even minutely clever user can see it. If you want passwords that aren't trivial to get around, use a server-side language (PHP or Ruby On Rails might be good choices) to check the passwords against a database (with code properly protected against SQL injection, preferably with stored procedures).

Do you need sql and c plus plus to code in them in Visual Studio?

Yes, if you want to use C++ and SQL, you have to use C++ and SQL. Surprised?

How do you use javascript in aspnet?

Ajax, I believe uses JavaScript + ASP.

How do you use javascript in css document?

You cannot use javascript in a css (cascading style sheets) file. You can only write javascript in javascript files (js extension) or in html files inside of <script type="text/javascript"></script> tags.

Difference between procedure and stored procedures?

A procedure is a specified series of actions, acts or operations which have to be executed in the same manner in order to always obtain the same result under the same circumstances A stored procedure is a subroutine available to applications accessing a relational database system. Stored procedures (sometimes called a proc, sproc, StoPro, or SP) are actually stored in the database data dictionary. In a procedure you have to start the transaction manually, allowing the rollback manually and stuff like that. In a stored procedure, usually the DBA system takes care of the main transaction in case of errors. You can even use atomic transactions to keep your information consistent. Then, A stored procedure is execute a bit faster than a single procedure because of the indexing in the dba.

How do you get the popup javascript box?

Use confirm or alert in javascript code to get a popup

Why you have to use javascript?

Javascript is primarily intended to implement client-side scripts.

Will SQL training teach me how to use the INNER JOIN command?

SQL is a mostly standard language that allows for analysis and presentation of data stored in a database. The INNER JOIN command is one of the basic SQL commands. SQL training will teach you how to use this command, as well as the commands that result in other types of joins, like outer joins, left outer joins, etc. The best SQL training sources will present you with a simple set of raw data and examples of the result sets generated from each type of query. Be aware that there are several similar versions of SQL that vary with each target database (SQL Server, DB2, etc.) so be sure that the training you sign up for is specific to the database that you intend to use.

Is JavaScript or Dreamweaver better?

Not comparable. JavaScript is a programming language. Dreamweaver is an application (which you can use to create pages with javascript, html, etc.)

Difference between sql and sql plus?

SQL*PLUS is a interface between user and Oracle database. It Provide an environment to use the SQL which is a query language to communicate with oracle database

How do you check length of password using javascript?

Use the length property of string in javascript.

Why is it important to learn SQL?

SQL is the language used to access a database. So if you want to work with databases, especially to query or manipulate data, then it is important that you learn SQL. Even if you use other APIs, you will still need to use SQL queries.

How do you write javascript code to close a browser window?

If you want to close the current window, use window.close() or simply close() If you want to close a window that is stored in a JavaScript variable, apply the method close() to it. For example: var"http:\/\/"); myWindow.close();

How does document.close work?

The command is javascript JavaScript is interpreted by the browser browsers use JavaScript engines to execute the commands each browser differs

What does Ajax use for the processing that is done on the browser?

Javascript. AJAX stands for Asymmetric Javascript And XML

Where can I take a SQL class online?

You can go to the SQL Course website and there you will be able to practive what you learn and also be able to receive immediate results from submitting your SQL commands. EVen if you have your SQL there is the option to practice SQL statements and use the website as a refresher

Whether you need to update to use SQL 2000 or SQL 2005?

yes definitely you need to update

How do you activate jQuery in flash actionscript button?

Use the getURL() function to run javascript with the "javascript: " protocol. getURL("javascript: $('jquery code here');", "_self");