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Can wishes really come true?


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Yes. With the necessary will power you can make your wildest dreams come true. I sincerely recommend watching "The Secret". You will know how to achieve your dreams and wishes.


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i believe wishes don't come true. i think it's all in peoples' heads.

Sometimes wishes don't come true if you try to to reach it. It will come true but when you just wait for it to come true it will no be true you need to work hard for it to reach your goal!

Wishes do not come true for people who do not put their efforts into their wishes. Putting a little initiative or effort might make your wishes come true.

They can but you have to work for it and make them come true.

It is not possible for the sequences in the movie 16 Wishes to come true. A person would have to be extremely lucky to have their wishes become permanent.

wishes are held in the heart of the beholder, therefor will only come true if the beholder believes in the wish, then by believing it will come true

Sure, as long as what you want is within the realm of possibility. However, wishing for something is now what will make it come true. Maybe it will come true by chance, or you could take action to make it come true.

Wishes can come true, so long as what you wish for is possible. But wishing for something will not affect your chances of getting it.

You don't have to be religious to have wishes and whose to say that only the religious have wishes come true? What we do makes wishes come true. If I wish to go to Paris, France then it is up to me to do the things I need to do to get there. Action brings action and not sitting around dreaming about something.

Only hard work and effort can make most wishes come true. Other wishes - especially over things we cannot control - cannot come true by our efforts alone, whether with or without candles.

Only you can make your wishes come true.

Yes jesus can do anything he wants if you want your wish to come true go to it really works do everything it tells you to and your wish will come true

This question is hard to answer, it is a personal opinion on whether wishes can come true or not. The answer is not factual merely opinion. In my opinion a birthday wish for love cannot come true due to personal experience that birthday wishes do not come true.

Definatly. Wishes come true all the time. Let's hope mine and your come true some time.

It is not grammatically incorrect, but not right, either. We say wishes come true.

Well, with websites that do wishes they don't really come true. They just pretend so that site can be popular or get money. So no, websites that have the whole wish thing it won't come true. What I would do to get a wish come true, I would usaully write a note to a fairy ( if you believe in them). And they always tick the boxes I put down next to the wish I write down, ugh enough of this! So, no, wishes do not come true in sites.

i heard that to make wishes we could take one of our eyelashes and then make our wish then let it fall on the ground. and it really does come true since then i always make some

I'm assuming you mean "What is the verb in the sentence 'It could make all your wishes come true?'" The verb is "make."

depends on your religion

No. Wishes only come true if you do things to make them come true. Otherwise a wish is just that and something that is not real.

Wishes don't come true. Any goals that you wish to achieve, you have to accomplish yourself.

Wishes don't just come true for everyone unless when you do something to make them come true however there those people who were born with the extra powers those are the kind of people who gets there wishes come true. You can make a wish come true when you concentrate on your wish with all your minds on your wish, the energy within you can help you achieve your goal.

When you imagine/plan how your wishes/goals will come true and you are not asleep.

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