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Workers' Compensation can usually be waived only b7y the owner-opetaor of a business. The system replaces the right to sue an employer for an accident, but applies even if the employee caused the injury by his own geligence. Failure of an employee to provide Workers' Compenasation is often against the law and can give rise to treble damages.

AnswerAny employee in any state can legally opt out of Workers Comp for any reason (must follow the procedures in his state to do so.) Most if not all states provide exemptions from coverage due to company size (only a few employees) or type of worker (volunteer, partner, executive, owner.) That said, however, the employer remains liable whether he's exercising an exemption or an employee has opted out, and should take care to comply with the state's regulations for those who don't carry coverage AND can write a big check if they have employees who aren't covered. An alternative for those who aren't covered is Occupational Accident, which is customizable and can pay medical costs, lost wages and Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and sometimes paralysis. AnswerAn individual, city or county or business should NEVER waive the requirement for Workers Comp when its property is used for an event. A worker, even if it's a guy arranging a family reunion, may slip and fall, get hurt and try to sue the facility owner. Since short term, affordable alternative for this exists there's no reason to waive the requirement.
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Q: Can workmen s compensation be waived?
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Workman's Compensation Insurance is regulated by the laws of the state in which you reside. There is usually a time limit in which to file a claim. You should check the state statutes concerning WCI, for your state. Or contact the Labor Relations Board.

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