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Yes, yellow belly slider turtles can eat fish!

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โˆ™ 2012-09-12 01:52:48
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Q: Can yellow bellied slider eat fish?
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What does a hatchling yellow bellied slider eat in the wiled?

yellow bellied turtles eat fish food pellets ocean shrimp ,freeze dried river shrimp and krill.

What do yellow bellied slider turtles eat?

crickets and mealworms

What do yellow-bellied slider turtles eat?

crickets and mealworms

Can baby yellow bellied sliders eat tomatoes?

ok heres the thing can a snake eat an insect whats your answer (yes) so the answer is yes a baby yellow bellied slider can eat a tomatoe

What do yellow bellied sea snakes eat?

yellow bellied sea snakes eat small surface dwelling fish and eals.

What do yellow bellied sliders eat?

they can eat slugs worms live fish and dead fish bugs .

What eats yellow bellied sliders?

they can eat slugs worms live fish and dead fish bugs .

What eats a yellow bellied flycatcher?

what do yellow bellied flycatchers eat

What do yellow bellied water snakes eat?

Small fish, crawfish, and leopard frogs :)

What can you feed your yellow bellied slider?

I have two yellow bellied sliders that love to eat freeze dried shrimp and just regular food pellets. They also really enjoy mealworms and crickets. I haven't tried feeding them small fish yet but I do plan on doing that soon. Hope this helps :)

What does the yellow bellied sapsucker eat?

A yellow bellied sapsucker can eat small animals like-A miceLiquid from a treeA yellow bellied sapsucker can eat Insects like-A SpidersA FlyA GrassHopperA

Can you put fish in a tank with a yellow bellied slider turtle?

I was told that if the fish were not bigger than the turtle, the turtle will kill it and try to eat it. I was also told if you dont change the water enough, chemicals that the turtle puts out of it's skin naturally will kill the fish.

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