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You can prune it but the symmetrical shape that makes it attractive will be wrecked. If you do prune only tip prune.

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Q: Can you - and how do you - prune a Monkey Puzzle Tree?
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Where is the monkey puzzle tree from?


Is a nut from a monkey puzzle tree poisionous to eat?

see ~

How tall is a monkey puzzle tree?

15 cm

What is the lifespan of a monkey puzzle tree?

10 to 15 years

What is the Alternative name for the monkey puzzle tree?

Chile pine

What is Whitby jet formed from?

Fossilized monkey puzzle tree.

How long can a monkey puzzle tree live?

150 yrs

Is the Jet stone from Fossilized wood from the monkey puzzle tree?

Yes it is

What is Real name of monkey puzzle tree?

Chile Pine The botanical name is Araucaria araucana.

What are the release dates for The Ghost and Mrs- Muir - 1968 The Monkey Puzzle Tree 1-10?

The Ghost and Mrs- Muir - 1968 The Monkey Puzzle Tree 1-10 was released on: USA: 30 November 1968

Where can you buy commercial quantities of Araucaria Monkey Puzzle Tree seed?

Hawaii, Lanai

Which evergreen tree is also called the monkey puzzle?

The Chilean Pine Araucaria araucana.