Can you Compare and contrast authentic and empathetic leadership styles?

Being authentic is about being true and honest about you as an individual on a daily basis. Its about inspiring people to greatness but moreover allowing them the individual freedom to truly relate to you not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. Its not only allowing your staff the freedom to express their concerns but to be on the same wave length, by expecting, embracing, learning and sympathising with them.

Lets imagine if you had an employee come up to you and say "boss I cant do my job anymore because of the added pressures put on me" this is not how I pictured my career.

An Authentic leader would reply "Do you know what, I am not about to lie and say, Yes things are all fantastic because we all know there not, we are all in the same boat mate.

The time for blaming different individuals for different problems has gone. We need authentic leaders to step forward and take the baton if you like and lead by example lead with honesty, integrity, and most importantly leading with positive faith and heart.

For me Authentic leadership is much more than saying, I' am authoritarian or I' am a team player. Its actually waking up every morning before you go to work, taking a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and putting your hand on your heart and saying -Have the decisions I made at work truly and honestly been decided based on your own feelings, emotions, pains, sufferings, commitments, passions or have they been agreed from the business.