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they were surprised (i'm not sure though)

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Albert Franks was born on 1936-04-13.

Mr albert dussel joins the franks and van pels in hiding or Friedrich Pfeffer

"Albert Dussel", who's real name was Fritz Pfeffer, died in the Neungamme concentration camp in December of 1945, probably of dysentery.

By the time they were called "Franks" they were Christians.

The Franks: Otto, Edith, Margot, and Anne; The van Pels (van Daans): Hermann, Auguste, and Peter; and Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel).

Paul Franks was born in 1979.

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Franks Hall was created in 1591.

Jeana Franks is 5' 5".

Sevaan Franks is 6' 4".

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Tillman Franks died in 2006.

Tillman Franks was born in 1920.

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the vikings raided the Franks because the Franks had lots of goods that the vikings liked

Family friend Meip Gies hid the franks

what did the Franks give dussel for his birthday

The Franks didn't abandon Vinland. The Vikings did.