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a loon
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What is a large wading bird?

it has a long neck and long leg in search of food. it lives in a water. it also called wader.

Names that begin with L?

Names that begin with the letter L include Lucy, Lavern andLeonard. There is also Lilly, Layla, Leo and Leslie.

Celebrity names beginning with L?

First names L: Lance Armstrong, US olympic cyclist Larrry Bird, NBA star, retired Laura Bundy, country singer Larry David, creator of Sienfeld TV series Larry Hagman, actor LaToya Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson Laura Bush, former first lady Lauren Alaina, country singer, American ( Full Answer )

A girls name beginning with l?

Iris [i-ris] India [en- dee- uh] Indiana [en-dee-ahn-uh] [en- dee- ann- uh] Ishelei [i-shuh-lay] Ishley [a-shuh-lee] Irica [er-ick-uh] Iesha [e-shuh]

Is a mallard a wading bird?

A mallard is not a wading bird, like a heron or stork. A mallard isa duck and considered to be a waterfowl.

What Celebrity names begins with L?

Lacey Chabert Laetitia Casta Laura Linney Lea Thompson Leah Remini Leila Arcieri Lindsay Lohan Lucy Lawless Lucy Liu .

What birds names begin with the letter L?

Laos Alexandrine Parakeets (Psittacula) Lapwings Larks Leadbeater's Cockatoos Leafbirds (see also "Fairy-Bluebirds") Lesser Bronze Winged Parrots (Pionus) Lesser Comoro Vasa Parrots (Coracopsis) Lesser Red-cheeked Parrots (Geoffroyus) Lesser Scaups Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoos Lesser Vasa Parrot ( Full Answer )

What girls name begins with l?

Laura Linda Lottie Libby Lucy Lacey Lilly Liza Lindsey Lisa Lennie Lulu Lilo Lila Louisa Lola

Authors with names beginning in L?

First names L: . L. Frank Baum . Langston Huges . Laura Ingalls Wilder . Laura Numeroff . Laurance Sterne . Leo Tolstoy . Lisa Jackson . Lee Child . Louisa May Alcott . Lucy Maud Montgomery Last names L: . Harper Lee . Gaston Leroux . C.S. Lewis . Sinclair Lewis . Astrid Lingren ( Full Answer )

What eats wading birds?

In South america, anacondas and caimans eat herons. In Northamerica, alligators, crocodiles, and eagles prey on herons andcranes. In africa, nile crocodiles and eagles prey on storks andcranes. In asia, saltwater crocodiles, mugger crocodiles, wolves,and eagles eat wading birds.

Which is a perching birds preying birds wading birds climbing birds water birds?

This isn't about what perching means (just to let you know right now). Terms like 'water bird' or 'perching' are common terms for certain groups of birds and bare no relation to true taxonomy or avian evolution. Still a few examples: Perching birds are birds that perch, including all passerines ( Full Answer )

Name of pink legged wading bird?

That depends if you mean a wader or a bird that wades.. A bird that wades - flamingo. Waders - crowned plover and lots of others

What are flower names that begin with L?

Lily.. Ok lets see flowers that begin with L........ Langia-purple. Lishna-redish brown [German word if not reconised]. Latafia-red rose. Most of them are German flowers because I'm German- sorry . I hope I could help? For any reason you wanted to know this......

What names begin with letter L?

Names L: . Logan . Larry, Lawrance . Liam . Leonard, Lenny . Lyle . Lester . Luke . Leo . Lee . Louis, Lou . Lynn . Loretta, Lori . Lucille, Lucy . Lily, Lillian . Leanne . Lee . Leah . Louise . Linda . Laura . Lauren . Liz . Luanne . Lynette . Loni . Lana . Lorna . Li ( Full Answer )

What are some birds that begin with the letter L?

Birds beginning with L: . Lady Amherst's pheasant . Lamagier . Lanner falcon . Lapland bunting . Lapland longspur . Lapwing . Lark . Laysan albatross . Leach's storm-petrel . Leafbird . Least auklet . Least sandpiper . Lesser sandplover . Lesser scaup . Lesser spotted woodpecker . ( Full Answer )

Cute names that begin with L?

Boys . Liam . Lester . Levi . Luke . Leon . Lolan Girls . Lilly . Laura . Leah . Liz/Lizzy . Luna . Lexi

Bird name that begins with the letter a?

· Adelie Penguin · African Open-bill Stork · Alaotra Grebe · Albatross · American White Pelican · American Wood Stork · Amsterdam Albatross · Andean Condor · Arctic Loon · Ascension Island Frigatebird · Atlantic yellow-nosed Albatross · Au ( Full Answer )

Name a large bird beginning with T?

A toucan is a large bird that starts with a T. There are several ofthem usually brightly colored, fruit-eating birds living intropical America, and have a very large bill.

Where does a wading bird live?

they live in like shallow rivers or ponds that are shallow around the edge cus i liv near a pond and there is a 3 ft stork that lives there but it only stays in the morning and then it leaves and then it comes back at the end of the day and there is 2 duks that live there too but used to be three un ( Full Answer )

Name of birds that begin with letter a?

· Adelie Penguin · Alaotra Grebe · Albatross · American White Pelican · Amsterdam Albatross · Andean Condor · Arctic Loon · Ascension Island Frigatebird · Atlantic yellow-nosed Albatross · Australian Pelican · Autobon's Shearwater · Avocet ( Full Answer )

What Birds names begins with the letter L?

· Lark · Least Grebe · Lesser Frigatebird · Little Bittern · Little Egret · Little Grebe · Little Kiwi · Little Penguin · Loon · Lovebird

What are some wading birds?

Wading birds like to flock in areas that have shallow waters andponds. Some of these birds include Flamingos, Storks, Herons,Egrets and Spoonbills.

Is a wading bird a migratory bird?

yes it is A wading bird is not necessarily a migratory bird. Many wading birds in sub tropical and tropical climates do not migrate. Those living in colder regions, where the surface water of lakes, ponds, and rivers may freeze in the winter, do migrate.

What birds name begin with the letter n?

Nightingale . Nuthatch . Nighthawk . Night heron . nightjar . noddies . nutcracker . needletail . Namaqua dove . Newt Hawk . Northern Cardinal

What type of bird wades?

Aquatic birds wade. These are the ones that feed in water, and areusually characterised by having long legs and long bills. Theyinclude herons, cranes, egrets, spoonbills, flamingoes, ibises andstorks.

What is a bird name beginning with a V?

There are many birds beginning with V. However the only one I could think of was a Vulture. I did some research and this is what i found! Van Dam's Vanga Vanderbilt's Babbler Vanikoro Flycatcher Vanikoro Monarch Vanuatu Scrubfowl Variable Antshrike Variable Dwarf Kingfisher Variable ( Full Answer )

What river name begins with l?

· Lackawanna River (Pennsylvania) · Lena (Russia) · Liard (Canada) · Little Bighorn River (Wyoming, Montana) · Little Missouri River (North Dakota, Wyoming) · Lower Tunguska (Russia)

What birds names begin with B?

· Bald Eagle · Barn Owl · Black-browed Albatross · Black-footed Albatross · Black-necked Grebe · Black-throated Diver · Blackbird · Bluebird · Blue Jay · Brown Kiwi · Buzzard

What are some bird names that begin with c?

Some birds names that begin with C are: . Canada goose . canary . cardinal . cassowary . cedar waxwing . chickadee . chicken . cockatiel . cockatoo . condor . cormorant . cowbird . crane . crow . cygnet

What is the name of a bird that begins with a y?

Yolo. that is a bird that is very rare and can only be found on the very point off Australia, Queensland. The name Yolo originated from an old quote saying 'You only live once." The brid only every has one baby and it only lives for 1 week.

What birds name begin with the letter m?

· Macaroni Penguin · Macaw Parrott · MacGillivray's Petrel · Madagascar Grebe · Madagascar Heron · Magdalena Tinamous · Magellanic Penguin · Magenta Petrel · Magnificent Frigatebird · Magpie · Maguari Stork · Malagasy Pond Heron · M ( Full Answer )

What birds name begin with the letter t?

· Tataupa Tinamous · Tinamous · Toucan · Tree Swallow · Tricolored Heron · Trumpeter Swan · Tufted Puffin · Tundra Swan · Turkey · Turtledove · Thrush