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Call forwarding service on a metro pcs cellphone is achievable. Check with your network provider for details.

Note: you need to pay $5/month for call forwarding with Ghetto PCS, it doesn't come standard the way it does with 99.9% of the other cell phone packages.

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I have updated and accurate information on this. The answer used to be *74, but usually when that didn't work it was because you first had to call MetroPCS and add a features bundle for $5/month that included call forwarding options. You still have to do that--it includes some other stuff like international texting, caller ID (even if they aren't in your address book--very cool, don't think anybody else does this), etc. But the codes are different now--here's the scoop: There are 4 different forwarding codes. Unfortunately not all of them seem to work individually. To get conditional call forwarding to work for me I had to activate all 3 codes, but it does work now. In the codes when I say NUMBER it means your 10 digit phone number you want to forward to: **21*NUMBER# will activate unconditional call forwarding (not of interest to most but that's the code if you want it). ##21# turns it off. **61*NUMBER# forwards a call if not answered. **62*NUMBER# forwards a call if your phone is not reachable (turned off or out-of-network) **67*NUMBER# forwards if you are busy (that's what MetroPCS customer support told me--maybe it means if you're on a call? But it didn't seem to do that for me, fortunately, as explained below) Just entering the 61 code didn't seem to work for me, but after calling customer support again they told me to enter all three of the conditional codes. That finally made it work for me. I was afraid that I wouldn't see an incoming call if I was on a call (i.e. lose call waiting), but fortunately that didn't happen and everything works fine the way I want it--I use Google Voice and now I can answer direct cell calls on my Google Voice phones.

(I should note that I only got all this figured out after 4 conversations with customer service--each person told me something different until I got to the 4th who spent a lot of time finding the correct information, so just calling customer support is no guarantee you'll get correct instructions for this!)

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In order to activate call forwarding, on any phone, you will need to do it from the phone that you are having the calls forwarded from. If your phone is not available, contact your MetroPCS representative so that they can set this feature up for you.

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*74 then the area code and the number. This allows the phone to ring and for you to decide to pick up or not. or

*72 then the area code and the number. This send the call directly to the forwarding number with out your phone ringing.

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Q: Can you activate call forwarding from another metropcs phone?
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Why can't I activate my metropcbs phone?

You need to go to the MetroPcs store to activate your phone. Your phones imei needs to be put into the systerlm before activation.

How do you reactivate a metropcs phone online?

It's easy! After unboxing the phone, select a rate plan, dial *228 from your new handset and you'll be connected to with a MetroPCS representative who can help you activate the phone.

You found a cell phone from metropcs can you reactive it?

You would need an account to activate it. You can't get free service.

How do you forwar your home phone to your cell phone?

*73AnswerYou can actually customize your call forwarding/transfer system. Talk to your provider and pre set your answering rules according to your own preference.

Can you change a metropcs phone number to a different metropcs phone?

yes as long as they are both metro pcs

How do you reactive you metro phone?

Go to their and click the "Activate & Select Plan" link at the top of the page or dial *611 from your MetroPCS handset and you'll be set!

How do you activate your metro pcs voicemail?

It's easy! After unboxing the phone, selecting a rate plan, dial *228 from your new handset and you will be connected to with a MetroPCS representative who can help you activate the phone.

How do you forward home phone to cell phone?

With Qwest I have to cancel forwarding from the home phone not the cell phone.To activate/deactivate (cancel) call forwarding service on your home phone usually requires some key combination. But if it happens that you forgot those key combinations then you should call your phone providers customer assistant service to cancel it.

How to spy on a metropcs phone invisibly?

Putting a invisible metropcs on a phone is easy. All you have to do is install the app and create an account.

How do you know if someone is forwarding their cell phone to another cell phone?

yes there is look them up your girl falesa

Can a t-mobile phone be used on metropcs?

No. Tmobile uses SIM cards on a GSM network. MetroPCS uses CDMA. You'd need a Sprint or Verizon Wireless phone if you wanted to flash to MetroPCS.

Will your MetroPCS phone automatically reset for Daylight Saving Time?

Yes, your MetroPCS phone should automatically reset for Daylight Saving Time.